Who Wants to Join the Snow Patrol?

Snow Patrol Volunteers might be needed this winter

Snow Patrol at Orpen Hall 2018

If you remember the Beast from the East in 2018, you will remember what a sterling job the Snow Patrol did in keeping the village running. Looking at their faces, it seems they also took pleasure from the task in hand.

2018 was the first time for about three years that we have had any appreciable snowfall.  Thanks to a team of about twenty volunteers (and a just sufficient supply of salt), the Snow Patrol kept pathways to the key points of the village generally clear.

Is Snow Coming This Winter?

Current forecasts certainly suggest the possibility so Snow Patrol co-ordinator, Harry Stone, is asking for villagers to put their hands up now. You will only be asked to help on snowy/icy mornings to help clear:

  • paths to the school,
  • around bus stops,
  • at Orpen Hall,
  • around the shops,
  • & similar locations.

The patrol works in small, friendly, teams that you could join or, perhaps, form your own patrol with friends & family? Some equipment can be provided such as snow shovels, push along gritters & hi-vis jackets if required. The commitment is no more than an odd hour to help fellow villagers.

How to volunteer

Simply call Harry Stone for more details or register interest on 01206 241026.

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