White Christmas or a Weather Crisis?

‘sno Joke – Weather is changing

The recent unexpected and rapid change in weather caught us short.  Despite this the Snow Patrol, with their usual efficiency, stepped in to mitigate risks as much as they could – more about them later.

We saw, perhaps 2″ of snowfall in West Bergholt, meanwhile our webmaster reported nearer 4″ falling in just a few hours;  he lives in Brentwood! By contrast, Greenstead and St. Johns had virtually none.

It seems that whilst we have, historically, enjoyed ‘moderate’ (dare we say boring and predictable), weather, there is increasing evidence that things are changing. Heatwaves, storms and flooding, wildfires and even extremely cold snaps are happening unexpectedly and often localised. Last year the Department for Transport commissioned a report that showed that the country was ill-prepared for extreme weather events. 

Snow Patrol

This is where Snow Patrol comes back into the equation – they are a local, voluntary, group who prepare for extreme cold weather events and are ready to go into action at short notice.  Could you be somebody who could help?

The patrol works in small, friendly, teams that you could join or, perhaps, form your own patrol with friends & family? Some equipment can be provided such as snow shovels, push along gritters & hi-vis jackets if required. The commitment is no more than an odd hour to help fellow villagers.

How to volunteer

Simply call Harry Stone for more details or register interest on 01206 241026.

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