Volunteers Needed for COVID-19

Your village needs volunteersWest Bergholt Prepares Response to COVID-19

Army of volunteers needed

West Bergholt is preparing its own response to the growing COVID-19 pandemic but it needs volunteers.  In addition to Government and District/County initiatives, the Care Network, with the support of the Parish Council, plans to offer assistance to anyone in the community impacted by COVID-19.

A scheme is being prepared which will offer assistance to those in self-isolation, older residents, and those with other concerns, to provide assistance accessing:

  • food shopping,
  • pharmaceutical prescriptions,
  • other day to day needs, or
  • a friendly phone call.

The scheme will operate via the Care Network phone line and a central coordinator.

Once established, residents can phone the Care Line with their contact details for the central coordinator.  This coordinator will access local volunteers to liaise with residents and arrange to pick up shopping or other assistance.

Volunteer What to Do?

The scheme needs volunteers.  It cannot start without a core number willing, and able, to lend their time to help out.

So the first thing that village residents can do is to register with the coordinator, Mervyn Donnelly.  Mervyn will note their details in the first instance and provide guidance on how to help.

Mervyn’s details are: Phone no.: 01206 241656, Email: [email protected]

Later in the week when the scheme is in operation, a further bulletin will be issued.

We are aware that many residents are already undertaking help for friends and relatives.  This service is not to replace this excellent work; rather, it will supplement ensuring nobody is left behind worrying about practical access to day to day services or food shopping.  Please spread the word of this scheme to those volunteers who may not visit the website or have access to Facebook.