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Public Transport

There are three main bus operators serving West Bergholt operating 6 transport services between them as follows:





Hedingham Omnibuses Ltd17West Bergholt – Colchester – StanwaySchool service.
First Essex66Old Heath – Town Centre – North Station – West BergholtRegular services 7 days a week from early until late.
66A(West Bergholt) – North Station – Town Centre – Oldheath – RowhedgeAlternates services with 66.
New 66 from 27/08/2017West Bergholt – Braiswick – North Station – Town Centre – Old Heath Post Office – Rowhedge Regular services M – S from early until late, reduced service Sundays & Public Holidays.
67BWest Bergholt – Blackheath – West MerseaMonday – Saturday last bus only, more frequent on Sundays.
& Son
Colchester Town Centre – West Bergholt – SudburyApprox. hourly services Monday – Saturday only.

To get more up to date information, or to access a fuller timetable, simply enter the Bus number or ‘West Bergholt’ in the web page below or access it directly here:


The following map is sourced from Elgin and is highly customisable.  Although it is set at West Bergholt as a starting point, being based on Google Maps,  you can expand or contract the map easily and move to other areas you are likely to be travelling in now, or in the near future.

You can also check to see if your journey is likely to be affected by roadworks (including all major works such as gas, electric, water, sewage & telecommunications), traffic congestion (tick the traffic congestion box from the map layers icon at the top left) or other events such as diversion routes or large scale events.

The default is also set at the next two weeks but you can choose ‘Today’, the ‘Next 3 months’ or ‘Next 12 months’ as well. The widget this is based on should remember your preferences between sessions as long as you allow cookies to be stored on your device.  To find out more about how to configure this useful widget visit the support webpage.

If the map does not appear below or appears to be unresponsive, you can use this link to access similar information for major routes.

For the roadworks map to function JavaScript must be enabled in your browser.

For guidance on how to enable JavaScript this site may be helpful:

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