Annual Fete Classes & Information for Exhibitors

Annual Fete - 2019 PosterAnnual Fete Classes

Classes are grouped as follows (click the links to see classes):

Hints for Exhibitors

  • New to Exhibiting:  Do have a go in any of the classes. You may be surprised how well your entries measure up to those of the regulars – they too had to start once!
  • Read the schedule carefully:  Make sure you have displayed the right number of flowers, vegetables, scones, etc. and that your exhibit is the correct size.
  • Flowers and Vegetables – All Exhibits in the FLOWER and VEGETABLE classes must be grown by exhibitors.  POT PLANTS must have been grown by exhibitors or been in their possession for at least three months.
    • The judges look for regularity in an exhibit – each item should be of the same size and quality.
    • Flower petals should not have holes or other damage.  Bring some spares and choose the best.
    • Vegetables should look fresh and be edible.  They should be clean and trimmed. If picked overnight they should be kept cool and damp.
    • Presentation may be helped by arranging your specimens on a paper plate.
    • The judges always break runner beans to see that they are not stringy.
    • Dry leaves on Onions should be cut to about 2″, doubled back towards the bulb and preferably tied with raffia.  They are often displayed on wooden rings but a plant pot saucer full of sand will do. Shallots are trimmed in the same way and exhibited on a saucer of sand.

The Committee welcomes comments and suggestions about the classes in all sections.

MORE THAN ONE exhibit may be entered in any Class or group of Classes marked with an asterisk provided they are of different kinds and an entry fee is paid for each.

General Information

ENTRIES: Entry Forms and fees must be handed in before the advertised deadline at the Orpen Memorial Hall.  Alternatively, they may be delivered or posted to the Parish Clerk (80 Chapel Road, West Bergholt CO6 3HL) to arrive by the advertised deadline.

ENTRY FEES: Children’s classes are free. All other classes are 25p per exhibit.

CANCELLATIONS: Exhibitors are asked to inform the Exhibition Manager before the day of the exhibition if they decide not to stage their entries.

EXHIBITION RULES: Exhibitors must supply their own vases and containers for all classes. Exhibits are to be staged in the Orpen Hall between 7.30 and 9.00am on the day of the Exhibition. The Hall must be vacated by 9.00am after which time only officials will be allowed until judging is complete. The Committee may refuse any exhibit without giving any reason.

EXHIBITORS CARS: May be brought to the Orpen Hall Car Park, to unload exhibits between 7.30 and 9.00am and to collect exhibits between 4.30 and 5pm

PRIZES: Adult: First, Second & Third, Children:  First, Second & Third

The judges may withhold any prize in any Class, if the Exhibits are considered not to be of sufficient merit.

POINTS: Will be awarded: First Prize – 3 points; Second prize – 2 points: Third Prize – 1 point. Special Award Trophies will be awarded to the Adult & Child Exhibitors with the highest number of overall points and for the Best Exhibit in Show. Exhibitors tying for a Special Award may each hold the Award for a proportionate part of the period.

SPECIAL AWARDS which may be made by the judges and held by the exhibitors until the next Summer Exhibition.

PRESENTATION OF AWARDS will take place at 3.00pm. After the presentation is complete, exhibitors may collect their exhibits.


Conventional or digital photographs may be entered, but they must not be manipulated or enhanced. Entries must have been taken within the last year and should not have been exhibited at the previous West Bergholt Show. Please write or affix your name and class number on the back of the photograph.

Photographs may be no larger than 6″ x 4″ and should not be mounted.

Two photos only in each class per exhibitor.



PH1 A black and white photograph
PH2 Show Time!
PH3 Trees/Forest
PH4 Abstract

Preserves & Wine

Exhibitors are asked to name the variety of fruit/vegetable used to produce their wine.


Home Produce, Preserves

P1 Jelly, any fruit variety, one jar. *
P2 Lemon curd, one jar
P3 Jar of chutney, any kind *
P4 Anything pickled *
P5 Strawberry jam, one jar
P6 Jam of one kind of fruit other than strawberry. *
P7 Bottle of Sloe Gin or similar (e.g. Turnip Vodka, Parsnip Rum) *
P8 Bottle of veg wine *
P9 Bottle of fruit wine *


Bread should be one day old.  Cakes should be cold and must be made according to the details where specified.


Home Produce, Cookery

C1 Five pieces of shortbread
C2 Three cheese scones
C3 Drizzle cake, any citrus in 2lb loaf tin *
C4 Victoria sandwich, with raspberry jam filling, dredged with caster sugar.
C5 Celebration cake, depicting a circus theme
C6 5 sausage rolls, 5-6cm long with three slashes on top
C7 Speciality bread (e.g. ciabatta, olive), handmade *
C8 Small loaf – machine made


Please state size on entry forms. Articles must have been completed within the last three years and not previously entered in this show.



H1 A decorated cushion
H2 A painting or drawing
H3 An item made from recycled materials
H4 A knitted or crocheted item
H5 An article of craft work in any other medium

Floral Art

Plant material must not be artificial and, where fresh, must be based in water or water retaining medium. With the exception of FA1, any height is permitted.


Floral Art

FA1 A miniature arrangement – no larger than 4″/10cm overall
FA2 “Recycle!” – Get creative. An arrangement of flowers in a recyclable container e.g. tins/plastic tubs – no larger than 15″x15″/38cmx38cm
FA3 An arrangement depicting a Circus theme – no larger than 15″x15″/38cmx38cm (limited accessories permitted)




F1 One rose in a vase – for perfume only
F2 Three stems of roses of any variety/varieties
F3 One vase of mixed annuals, five stems
F4 One vase of any variety/varieties of hardy herbaceous perennials, five stems
F5 One vase of any variety/varieties of flowering shrubs, three stems
F6 Six sweet peas, any one variety, in a vase
F7 Three delphiniums, in a vase
F8 Three carnations or pinks, in a vase
F9 One vase of any variety/varieties of ornamental grasses
F10 Three pelargonium heads of any variety/varieties
F11 One flowering plant in a pot of 8″/20cm or under
F12 One succulent/cactus in a pot of 6″/15cm or under
F13 One foliage pot plant in a pot of 10″/25cm or under

Children’s Classes *

Children’s names must be written on the back of the exhibit only, ages may be written on the front.


Children’s Classes

Age of entrant to be given on entry form

CH1 Age 4 years and under A metre of bunting
CH2 A cress-head in an egg shell
CH3 A monster, made from recycled plastic
CH4 A decorated paper plate, with a circus theme
CH5 Ages 5 to 8 years inclusive A cress-head in an egg shell
CH6 A monster, made from recycled plastic
CH7 “Bedazzled and Fabulous” themed craft item, any medium
CH8 A decorated paper plate, with a circus theme
CH9 Ages 9 to 12 years inclusive A cress-head in an egg shell
CH10 A monster, made from recycled plastic
CH11 “Bedazzled and Fabulous” themed craft item, any medium
CH12 Three decorated cupcakes, with a circus theme
CH13 Ages 13 to 16 years inclusive A cress-head in an egg shell
CH14 A monster, made from recycled plastic
CH15 “Bedazzled and Fabulous” themed craft item, any medium
CH16 Three decorated cupcakes, with a circus theme

Vegetables and Fruits


Vegetables & Fruit

V1 Five potatoes, any kind
V2 Five tomatoes, open air or under glass
V3 Six stalks of sprouting broccoli
V4 Five shallots
V5 Five runner beans
V6 Three beetroots
V7 Two cucumbers
V8 Three carrots
V9 Nine salad radishes
V10 Two heads of lettuce
V11 Five pea pods
V12 5 a day from your garden – one of each of any 5 fruit or vegetable. To be displayed on a dinner plate (max. 12″/30.5cm diameter)
V13 Little & large – biggest and smallest of any vegetable type
V14 Collection of 3 green vegetables – 1 of each
V15 Any other vegetable
V16 Collection of culinary herbs three kinds, three stems of each, in three jars – to be named.
V17 Eight strawberries
V18 Ten gooseberries
V19 Three stalks of rhubarb
V20 One plate of one variety of fruit, not apples