Annual Fete

Sub-Committee Meeting Dates & Minutes

  • September 29th 2021
  • November 22nd 2021
  • January 18th 2022
  • February 14th 2022
  • March 28th 2022
  • April 25th 2022

Minutes of 1st meeting – Monday 29th September 2021 at 7.30 pm The Orpen Hall

Present: Brian Butcher (PC), Phil Spencer (PC), Laura Walkingshaw (PC), Victoria Beckwith-Cole (Hall Admin) & 6 other interested parties

Apologies: Scouts, Bluebells, Orpen Players.

BB welcomed and introduced himself as current Chairman, LW as treasurer and VBC as secretary.  The terms of reference require these three posts and for the fete sub-committee report to the OHMC then onto the Trustees.

BB gave a brief outline of the event in that there will be the Queens Green Canopy Scheme, noting 4 trees have been sponsored to be planted in front of the OH, lighting of the beacon at the OH with hopefully the Football Club and Social Club being open and on Saturday 4th a sport, fun, music and food/drink day.

The Event timing would be from 7am set up – 9pm finish, with the day ending at 8 pm so the field can be cleared whilst there is still light.

BB outlined the ideas thus far for the following to happen during the day:

  • Football, running, tennis, cricketing
  • Variety of stalls
  • Bouncy castles

Fly past – BB has already contacted the army about a helicopter display, LW has contact details for the BBMF but will be  liaising with Langham PC to tie in with them.

No produce show on the day, but consideration for a “Royal” theme craft show in the JL Hall.

The food and drink stalls to continue throughout the day with music to take us into the night.  BB mentioned that Vocal zone choir and  Yasmin Wood would like to sing (daytime) together with the DJ Andy (VBC to find out how long he will be able to stay) and we have had one village related band Soul Riot said they will be interested in preforming. Tyler Kemp maybe?

BB asked does anyone know of a celebrity to open the festival?

There will be no arena.

It was agreed to look at the money raised being used to improving the facilities on the Poors Field – this will go to the Trustees and then out on Facebook for any ideas of what is needed to improve the Poors Field.

The Fete is self-funding with no entrance fee being chargeable, sponsorship could be key.

The only way we make money is from:

  • Stalls – was £5 last year – £10? for 2022?
  • Raffle tickets -BB would like to double the selling of raffle tickets to 8,000, which can be sold before and during the day.
  • Commercial/food and drink stalls – 10% of takings

Car parking and road closures will need to be investigated and planned if required.

BB then threw it open to the floor for ideas.

Paul advised that as we are a charity that we should not pay for bands – a lot of bands will do it free for charities as they want the exposure.  Paul said he will start the ball rolling and talk to a few of his contacts to see what he can do.  If you need to pay, then ideally one should be looking at £75/band member. For the period 4 – 8 pm he recommended looking at 3 bands/acts with DJ filling in between.

It is important to get the right band especially after the “fete” has finished at 4 pm to encourage people to stay into the evening

LM proposed

  • a silent disco – kids love this.
  • a ‘Bergholt Bake Off ‘– this takes a lot of time and space.
  • an outdoor cinema – this has been looked at in the past but is costly

JB – proposed a photo booth – GM/JB will look into this.

Scouts – to be approached to provide archery

Workshops – florist, circus skills, Firstsite, axe throwing – crafts for kids as not all kids like sports.

Idea of a fancy-dress competition – this has been done in the past but not well supported.

Tattoo and face painting – very popular


GM – Football – proposed skill sessions to get the kids involved throughout the day rather than going down the line of inviting teams and having a competition.   BHYFC and Dan WBFC to meet and discuss further and work together.  GM/JB

Cricket – 4 stars and Colts – again organize mini sessions – GM will need to talk to the cricket club and ask for volunteers. 

Both of the above will be suitable for 5 – 10-year-olds. 

((Bounce)) – will run taster sessions as there are a variety of classes that ((Bounce)) do plus children can join in too.  Kerry

Run –  think about timing so that it does not clash with clubs.  Start on the Poors Field as this is what we are raising money for and end at the OH.  In the past there has been a fun run from the school, Poors Field and through the Orchards but with crossing Colchester Road this may be an issue.  LW will contact the Orchard owners.  It was agreed to look at a 2km kids fun run – parents can join in too – age range 4 – 16 years old – have a staggered start – medals at the end.  There are a few running club members in the village who may be able to help.  Michelle will investigate this further and report back. 

Tennis – we need a volunteer to organize and run this?

Cycling event?

All activities must be assessable to all kids and abilities.

LW suggested that the WB Bowls Club be involved and can have their carpets out in the OH – VBC will talk to them.


Would like commercial vans so they look after themselves.

Ice cream van will be there

Bluebells will do teas and cake during the afternoon.

Paul has offered to provide BBQ/hog roast.

LM – ‘horsebox’ with pizza ovens. LM said that for a healthier option could provide picnic boxes.

Both will cater for vegans, vegetarians.

It was suggested good to have rows of long trestle tables so that the community can get together to eat

A discussion ensued about advertising. It was suggested that we need a festival communication officer so that we can earmark the right clubs and groups on social media, etc.  A leaflet drops to be done separate to the Village Bulletin was suggested, parent mail at school, Facebook, many more posters around village, more banners are placed around the village.

It was agreed we need a stage of some sort as a focal point – Paul will look at an artic trailer with curtains to come for the weekend and ideally be placed against the JL Hall facing onto the field – normally they will do this free of charge. Phil and Paul looked at the location and thought it the right place.

All agreed a good meeting tonight – the Minutes will be sent out and the next meeting organized to discuss further but it was mentioned that timings are going to be essential during the day when planning.

Dates of future meetings, 1930 in the John Lampon Hall:

  • September 29th 2021
  • November 22nd 2021
  • January 18th 2022
  • February 14th 2022
  • March 28th 2022
  • April 25th 2022


All attendees plus all invitees