Traffic Safety Update

Last summer the Parish Council adopted a Traffic Safety Plan which has its origins in the Parish Plan and has as its aim an enhancement of levels of safety in the village.  This plan has been developed by the Environment and Highways Committee of the Parish Council as a result of the ongoing and increasing concerns of village residents.

A principal objective of the traffic plan is to improve all aspects of safety in the region of  Heathlands School and the surrounding feeder roads.  To achieve this measures are needed that will help to slow traffic, restrict parking that is irresponsible in dangerous areas and at the same time  provide alternative parking for parents that find it necessary to use a car to transport their children to school.

The plan contains a number of proposals for relatively minor structural work in New Church Road and School Lane.  These include parking restrictions at the junctions at each end of New Church Road, better signage to improve awareness of the school and a build out from the footpath from Mumford Close.  These plans have now been considered for implementation by the Local Highways Panel and it is good to report that all have been approved.  It is pleasing to know that if ideas that come forward from the village are put into a plan and discussed with the authorities concerned they can be developed into realistic projects.  As yet there is no news of when the work will take place but the village will be kept informed.

For its part the Parish Council has considered ways of providing alternative parking.  The Orpen Hall car park will be resurfaced and facilities improved.  The works mentioned above will enhance safety for the walk from the car park to school.  The Treble Tile has agreed that, subject to certain conditions, its car park can be used at school drop off and pick up times.  To make safe the walk from here to school a new footpath parallel to School Lane is being installed along the edge of Poors Land.

Throughout this process the Parish Council is in dialogue with the school to ensure that as these modifications are put into place maximum advantage for all concerned is achieved by them.  A full copy of The Safety Plan can be obtained by E-mail from The Parish Clerk or Harry Stone at  [email protected] or alternatively it can be viewed on this website.

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