Urgent Need for Volunteers

Your village needs you - call for open gardens
Your village needs you - call for vaccine marshals

Volunteers Needed to Support the Local Vaccine Programme

The vaccine programme at the West Bergholt Surgery has so far been highly successful. This is as a result of the NHS staff and the many volunteers and Marshalls who have assisted with traffic flow duties and parking during vaccination sessions. The Marshalls fulfil an important task in minimising inconvenience to the local residences and ensuring those visiting the local surgery are assisted according to their need, particularly those with underlying health issues.

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Lockdown 2021 – You’re Not Alone

Lockdown 2021 sees relaunch of enhanced Care NetworkLockdown 2021 – You’re Not Alone

For Lockdown 2021, the West Bergholt Care Network has relaunched its scheme which aims to help those self-isolating or in need of a range of help from shopping to a chat.   It will, once again, take calls from any village resident in need of help during the COVID-19 emergency.

This time around, the organiser, Mervyn Donnelly, is keen to highlight two services:

  • If you are, or know, somebody who lives alone and feels lonely, Mervyn would like to set them up with a telephone-buddy who will keep them in contact.
  • With the vaccine now imminent for many of the more vulnerable, the Care Network is there to get you there and back for your appointment if you need a lift.  This is available for any other essential medical appointments as well.

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Churches Old & New with Christmas News & More

Old Church May 2020

Old Church Crib sceneChurches Old & New with Christmas News

This news update starts with Christmas News from the Old Church, then:

Old Church Update

Old Church Xmas TreeHolly in the windowThe Friends of St Mary’s are sad to have to cancel the Carol Service there again this year as they cannot organise it in a COVID-safe way.  However, Continue reading “Churches Old & New with Christmas News & More”

The First Window Opens This Evening (& other news)

The first window

The first windowThe First Window Opens

This news round-up starts with the First Window opening this evening and then also covers:

How it Started

Inspired by other places around the country that turn their village into a giant advent calendar, St Mary’s are very grateful to those who volunteered to decorate a window representing a part of the nativity story.

The idea is that each window has a number in it representing their day and that the actual design is not revealed until the allocated day. The revealed designs are then lit each Continue reading “The First Window Opens This Evening (& other news)”

Winter Resilience – Coping with COVID

Winter ResilienceWinter Resilience

Colchester BC is launching a Winter Resilience programme to see us through winter with COVID.  The intention is to ensure all residents are prepared and/or have access to support when they need it.

Community360 minibus

This year they are going mobile and will be out and about in the community, so look out for the Community360 minibus in your area.  Soon they’ll be dropping off packs to Continue reading “Winter Resilience – Coping with COVID”

Befrienders, Roads and Ending in Tiers

Befrienders, Roads and Ending in Tiers

This update covers four topics starting with Befrienders Week and then addressing:

Befrienders Week

Did you know that 1 – 7 November is Befrienders Week?  The local groups that make up the Colchester Befrienders Network Group are taking this opportunity to let you know about them, what they Continue reading “Befrienders, Roads and Ending in Tiers”

It Wasn’t a Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Keith Wood the Bear Man of West Bergholt

Keith Wood the Bear Man of West BergholtIt Wasn’t a Teddy Bears’ Picnic

It certainly wasn’t a Teddy Bears’ picnic but West Bergholt definitely pulled together during the COVID-19 lockdown.  In so many ways they displayed kindness, generosity, sharing & innovation that shows what a great village we are.

The Bear Man

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Autumn Clean & an Important Day

Litter WarriorsAutumn Clean & an Important Day

This article actually addresses 4 topics and Autumn Clean isn’t the most important day although it is quite so.  We cover:

Autumn Clean as Spring was Postponed

Keep Britain Tidy will once more be organising the UK’s biggest mass-action environmental campaign: The Great British September Clean 2020, after the Spring Clean was postponed due to COVID-19.  On Saturday 12th West Bergholt’s own Litter Warriors will be Continue reading “Autumn Clean & an Important Day”

Care Network Resumes Service

Care Network 0300 773 3100

Care Network 0300 773 3100Care Network Resumes Service

Sadly, throughout the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, the services of the Care Network were suspended after over 30 years of service.  Clearly many medical appointments were cancelled and so for about six months no jobs were undertaken by the pool of volunteer drivers.  Under normal circumstances they would normally have supported needy village residents with about 100 jobs  in that time.


There are now at least eight Continue reading “Care Network Resumes Service”