Zoom Quiz Calling

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St Mary’s Church is running a fundraiser Zoom Quiz to support the work of their Families Worker, Jo Jeffery. Jo’s work impacts many in the village and includes activities such as:

  • helping with the Toddler Group,
  • running the Larder providing food parcels to families impacted by the pandemic, &
  • running RE lessons, prayer spaces and wellbeing courses for Heathlands.

You don’t have to have a full house to join in, if you are alone there will be a chance to ‘buddy up’ with a partner online.

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Winter Bulletin & Some Christmassy News

Issue 163 Bulletin Cover

Issue 163 Bulletin CoverWinter Bulletin Is Online

First the Bulletin ‘heads-up’ and then:

Why Online?

With the recent Lockdown, it was not possible to print and distribute the Bulletin as usual but it is now available online.  If you know of somebody unable to access the online version, it will be possible to access Continue reading “Winter Bulletin & Some Christmassy News”

Day 77 of (where is) Lockdown – the Gardeners edition

Day 77 of (wherNational Garden Schemee is?) Lockdown

On day 77 we start off with items of interest to gardeners and then quite a few more news items:

National Garden Scheme reopens

The National Garden Scheme has just started opening gardens.  You have to book a timed entry online (and pay Continue reading “Day 77 of (where is) Lockdown – the Gardeners edition”

Day 51 of Lockdown – the Monty Python edition

Day 51 and Monty Python

Monty Python kicks us off on day 51.  I’m afraid this video reminded me a little of some of the daily briefings we are getting.

Today sees the first day of softening in England, how was it for you?  We start with a few government updates – quite a lot came out today; those included here are most relevant to members of the public.

More Government Guidance

Some more guidance updates to ease our way into the common-sense world of soft lockdown, apologies if some of these appear repetitive or, at least, covering the same ground: Continue reading “Day 51 of Lockdown – the Monty Python edition”

Day 16 of Lockdown – “There’s a Lot Going On” Edition

Day 16 of Lockdown

Day 16 of Lockdown and there’s definitely a lot going on.   We have updates from the ECC, CBC, Essex Police and more.  Let’s get started:

Residents urged to heed advice and stay at home as weather is set to improve

With the weather expected to turn increasingly Spring-like over the weekend, residents are being reminded to follow advice to stay at home, protect lives and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Continue reading “Day 16 of Lockdown – “There’s a Lot Going On” Edition”

Day 15 of Lockdown – The Recycling News Edition

Day 15 of Lockdown

Day 15 and after two weeks of lockdown it almost seems like the new normal!  But, things keep changing.  First, there was no recycling, then there was and, the good news, there will be again tomorrow but read on.  Also, there were no council meetings but, watch this space!  And, again, a little light relief at the end.


CSH EnvironmentalColchester Skip Hire (CSH) were very appreciative of residents respectful behaviour during the recycling collection last Wednesday.  Accordingly, they have arranged to collect again tomorrow at Continue reading “Day 15 of Lockdown – The Recycling News Edition”

Day 8 of Lockdown – The Recycling Again Edition

CSH Environmental TruckDay 8 of Lockdown

Day 8, one whole week under our belt, and a lot has happened.  Last week we heard about how recycling was going to be cut back, something the PC were not happy about.  Well, the PC has been in discussions with a local company and they are pleased to announce that you can recycle again starting from tomorrow, 1st April.  After this announcement, a little light relief in the form of a karaoke-style Tom Jones parody on COVID-19 to sing along to.

West Bergholt Recycling

CSH EnvironmentalCSH Environmental Ltd would like to offer a community waste collection service for the recyclable wastes.  You can mix paper, card, glass, tins and plastics in clear recycling bags.   This is not a kerbside collection but a Continue reading “Day 8 of Lockdown – The Recycling Again Edition”

Day 4 of Lockdown – the Where’s Waldo Edition

Where's waldo social distancingDay 4 of Lockdown

Day 4 and not as much new news although it is almost a daily ritual now to hear about recycling.  Other snippets are:

Recycling (or not)

A little bit too late to help with yesterday’s collection but CBC announced shortly after the Day 3 update that each household may now put out an Continue reading “Day 4 of Lockdown – the Where’s Waldo Edition”

Day 2 of Lockdown – Recycling Edition

Day 2 - focus on social distancingDay 2 of Lockdown

So Day 2 of the COVID-19 lockdown and hopefully everybody is getting into the swing of things.  It helps that the skies are blue especially if you are able to get outside for your daily exercise.  Odd not to see vapour trails in the sky but that is probably good for the environment.  So, on to news updates:

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