e-Scooters Coming to Colchester (& other news)

Lady & man on e-scooters

Lady & man on e-scooterse-Scooters, Befriending, Wellbeing, Fitness & Chitts Hill

e-Scooters will kick off this update but we also have updates on:

e-Scooters Trial Starting Soon

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Day 107 since Lockdown – the ‘Free Bus Travel’ edition

On the buses

On the busesDay 107 since Lockdown

On day 107 we see Essex opening a free bus travel scheme.  In other news we have:

Stop. Swap. Go!Stop. Swap. GO! campaign launched

A new sustainable travel campaign aiming to make it easier for people in Essex to switch from cars to sustainable travel, such as walking, cycling and using the bus, is launched today. Continue reading “Day 107 since Lockdown – the ‘Free Bus Travel’ edition”

Day 51 of Lockdown – the Monty Python edition

Day 51 and Monty Python

Monty Python kicks us off on day 51.  I’m afraid this video reminded me a little of some of the daily briefings we are getting.

Today sees the first day of softening in England, how was it for you?  We start with a few government updates – quite a lot came out today; those included here are most relevant to members of the public.

More Government Guidance

Some more guidance updates to ease our way into the common-sense world of soft lockdown, apologies if some of these appear repetitive or, at least, covering the same ground: Continue reading “Day 51 of Lockdown – the Monty Python edition”

Day 13 of Lockdown – The “On The Buses” Edition

On the buses

Day 13 of Lockdown

On day 13 the most significant news is of changed bus timetables (see links below).  If you were wondering about day 12, it happened, you didn’t miss it, it just seemed the same as the day before with less news.

Both First Bus and Chambers have recently changed their scheduling in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, during this time you can help keep yourself and the drivers safer by following the advice below.

As it’s Sunday – there is also some light relief at the bottom.

Advice to keep bus travel safer

Hedingham Bus Co. has issued the following requests but it will apply equally to all bus services: Continue reading “Day 13 of Lockdown – The “On The Buses” Edition”

Day 4 of Lockdown – the Where’s Waldo Edition

Where's waldo social distancingDay 4 of Lockdown

Day 4 and not as much new news although it is almost a daily ritual now to hear about recycling.  Other snippets are:

Recycling (or not)

A little bit too late to help with yesterday’s collection but CBC announced shortly after the Day 3 update that each household may now put out an Continue reading “Day 4 of Lockdown – the Where’s Waldo Edition”

Keeping Up To Date on COVID-19

Keeping Up To Date on COVID-19

If you want to keep up to date on COVID-19 with a local slant then it is worth tracking Essex County Council’s information page.  ECC update this daily with news specific to Essex but it also gives highlights of recent national government announcements.  Some of the biggest items addressed most recently are:

Appeal from Council Leader and Director of Public Health

Cllr David Finch and Dr Mike Gogarty express their dismay about the Continue reading “Keeping Up To Date on COVID-19”

First Bus App – Save Waiting In The Cold

First Bus App

First Bus AppFirst Bus App

Did you know that the First Bus App can help check if your bus is on time or delayed?  First Bus provides the 66 bus service to the village which runs from Rowhedge/Old Heath via ColchesterTown Centre.  Winter is approaching & using the App may help you avoid waiting in the cold.

The App helps you to:

  • buy & use paper-free cheaper bus tickets with your phone,
  • find bus times – tap on a bus stop icon to get live* & scheduled times by picking the time & date of travel,
  • access bus timetables & save your favourite bus stops,
  • check bus reliability.

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