Day 58 of (is it?) Lockdown – the Life in Lockdown edition

Life in Lockdown

Life in LockdownDay 58 of (is it?) Lockdown

On day 58 we get the chance to finish what we started on day 57;  the Essex Life in Lockdown article inviting you to share your lockdown story. After that:

The People of Essex – share your stories

The Research and Citizen Insight team at Essex County Council are reaching out to residents of Essex to hear their experiences and share stories of what it has been like for you during this extremely challenging time. How has COVID-19 and the lockdown has impacted your life, how you’ve been getting on, how you have managed to stay connected with friends, family and your community and how you’ve been feeling throughout the lockdown period? Continue reading “Day 58 of (is it?) Lockdown – the Life in Lockdown edition”

Day 50 of Lockdown – the Florence Nightingale edition

International Nurses Day - Florence NightingaleDay 50 of Lockdown

Day 50 of lockdown is the last day of the soft lockdown as we look forward to tomorrow’s slightly softer version.  Topics today include:

International Nurses Day

Today is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale.  Continue reading “Day 50 of Lockdown – the Florence Nightingale edition”

Day 48 of Lockdown – the Round Tuit edition

A round tuit

A round tuitDay 48 of Lockdown

Webmaster is easily amused by wordplay and on day 48 I was reminded of an old jokey jibe “Are you a Lert?  Didn’t you know there is a national shortage!”  I can’t imagine why; my other favourite was the “I’ve got a round tuit.”

So, the connection here is to the round tuit and two sources of things you can get around to doing during the lockdown.  Some from CBC and others from the WWF.  Finally for today, The Sound of Sirens (a parody song)

Some Ideas from the WWF

This week we’re sharing tips on how to grow vegetables indoors, an escapist reading list, details of our awesome Earth School initiative and an exciting isolation photography competition! Continue reading “Day 48 of Lockdown – the Round Tuit edition”

Day 47 of Lockdown – the Swift edition

Swift in flight

Swift in flightDay 47 of Lockdown

No, this isn’t the Swift edition because time is passing quickly, at day 47 we all know it isn’t.  This is about the avian kind after the coincidence of the RSPB and Colchester Group of the Essex Wildlife Trust both drawing attention to them today.

The update finishes, as they often do with a musical parody, but given the main messages in this update are light, today’s carries a little weight.  It is offered in light of some unsocial-distancing experienced in many places yesterday evening and folks partied.

RSPB Announces “Happy World Migratory Bird Day”

Continue reading “Day 47 of Lockdown – the Swift edition”

Day 8 of Lockdown – The Recycling Again Edition

CSH Environmental TruckDay 8 of Lockdown

Day 8, one whole week under our belt, and a lot has happened.  Last week we heard about how recycling was going to be cut back, something the PC were not happy about.  Well, the PC has been in discussions with a local company and they are pleased to announce that you can recycle again starting from tomorrow, 1st April.  After this announcement, a little light relief in the form of a karaoke-style Tom Jones parody on COVID-19 to sing along to.

West Bergholt Recycling

CSH EnvironmentalCSH Environmental Ltd would like to offer a community waste collection service for the recyclable wastes.  You can mix paper, card, glass, tins and plastics in clear recycling bags.   This is not a kerbside collection but a Continue reading “Day 8 of Lockdown – The Recycling Again Edition”

Has anybody seen the Dog Poo Fairy?

Dog poo fairy

Dog fouling is nasty - there is no dog poo fairyHas anybody seen the Dog Poo Fairy?

In these winter months, the dog fouling in West Bergholt becomes a large issue so obviously some villagers do believe in the dog poo fairy!  Children and other villagers are having to dodge large amounts of dog waste on our pavements; it is both unsightly and incredibly unhygienic.   Not only does it pose a significant health risk it causes a lot of distress for children if they step in it on the way to school.

A Legal Obligation

As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to pick up its’ poo, whatever Continue reading “Has anybody seen the Dog Poo Fairy?”

Environment & Highways – 20th February 2020


Environment & Highways – 20th February 2020

The Environment & Highways Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 20th February 2020 and discussed:

  • Pond cleaning & maintenance,
  • Replacement trees, Mumford Oak, purple beeches & cricket bat willows,
  • Handymen work schedule,
  • Bus stops & school buses,
  • Rejuvenation of Poor’s Land & Heath,
  • Parks & playgrounds &
  • A number of more administrative matters.

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