Environment & Highways – 10th September 2020


Environment Report 9th July 2020

Environment & Highways – 10th September 2020

The Environment & Highways Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met via Zoom on 10th September 2020 and discussed:

  • Village Ponds,
  • Playground access,
  • Strategic environmental planning,
  • School buses in Lexden Road,
  • New hedging by the village sign,
  • Lorkin Daniell Field: trees & hedging, and
  • Other works and activities.

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Good Progress on the Heath

Heather demonstrating good progress at Heath
Harebells on the Heath

Good Progress on the Heath

Parish Councillor Phil Spencer is pleased to report on the good progress that has been made  on West Bergholt Heath.

Strategic Planning

The Management Strategy for West Bergholt heath appears to be bearing the first signs of fruit this Summer. The plan drawn up by Place Services (a public sector provider of environmental assessment, planning and consultation) and implemented with the help of our own village handymen.  It aims to restore the original acid grassland heath in the area around the school. Lowland heath is a rare and threatened habitat Continue reading “Good Progress on the Heath”

Lexden Road Pond To Get a Facelift

Lexden Road pond

Lexden Road pondLexden Road Pond Needs a Facelift

Parish Councillors are developing an environment action plan using their professional skills and capabilities. This will help develop the village environmental care and management over the years ahead.  As implemented it will run in parallel with regular and planned maintenance activities.

The Queens Head, Lexden and Hall Road ponds all need appropriate management if they are to remain havens for wildlife and attractive features of our village.  The Queen’s Head pond had significant work completed two years ago; it included dredging and clearance of the banks.  More recently the council replaced the railings which were approaching end of life. Continue reading “Lexden Road Pond To Get a Facelift”

Day 114 since Lockdown – the ‘Swift’ edition

New playground equipment

SwiftDay 114 since Lockdown

On day 114 we get an update on the village’s Swift project.  In other news:


Installing Swift BoxesThis summer, villagers may have noticed an increase in the numbers of swifts wheeling about at speed, high up in the sky with their unmistakable scythe shaped wings and forked tail.

Thanks to funding received last year, we are now in the process of Continue reading “Day 114 since Lockdown – the ‘Swift’ edition”

Day 107 since Lockdown – the ‘Free Bus Travel’ edition

On the buses

On the busesDay 107 since Lockdown

On day 107 we see Essex opening a free bus travel scheme.  In other news we have:

Stop. Swap. Go!Stop. Swap. GO! campaign launched

A new sustainable travel campaign aiming to make it easier for people in Essex to switch from cars to sustainable travel, such as walking, cycling and using the bus, is launched today. Continue reading “Day 107 since Lockdown – the ‘Free Bus Travel’ edition”

Day 100 of (flexible) Lockdown – the ‘Ton-up’ edition

Art Week

100Day 100 of (flexible) Lockdown

On Day 100 of lockdown Colchester Borough Council looks at launching a Garden Club.  Meanwhile not to be outdone, Essex are launching:

… and we end with a bit of fun

Another news short – Colchester Zoo will be opening indoor & play areas from Saturday 4th July.

Brown wheelie binNew Garden Waste Options

Proposals for a new options-based garden waste service are being published by Colchester Borough Council.  Councillors will Continue reading “Day 100 of (flexible) Lockdown – the ‘Ton-up’ edition”

Day 94 of (heating up) Lockdown – the FC/PC edition

4th July Celebration

Walk poo home with the dogDay 94 of (heating up) Lockdown

On Day 94 lockdown we will have done well to have kept our cool with temperatures in the 30’s!  ECC are also getting a little heated about the amount of litter & waste that those visiting parks, countryside & beaches are leaving behind; expect to see a few more signs like the one on the right.  News today includes:

West Bergholt FC Thank PC for Grant

West Bergholt FC were grateful for the Continue reading “Day 94 of (heating up) Lockdown – the FC/PC edition”

Day 91 of (flagging) Lockdown – the Windrush edition

John Easey with NHS Radishes display

Armed Forces day flagDay 91 of (flagging) Lockdown

Day 91 lockdown coincides with Windrush Day commemorating the Windrush generation and their legacy.  You can find out more about this on Wikipedia and I ‘tip a hat to it’ at the end of the update.  The day also sees the start of a week of activity leading up to Armed Forces Day on Saturday which is where we start; other items:

Flag Raising ahead of Saturday’s Armed Forces’ Day

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