Language learning in small groups or 1:1

Was language an obstacle to fully enjoying your last holiday?

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It’s fair to say that many of us aren’t blessed with a second language which is a shame. A shame because speaking the language helps you to have a richer experience when travelling. Rachel Brown has been teaching two of the most popular ‘holiday languages’, French & Spanish, for some years now and has now launched her new business – Bergholt Languages.

Supported by her colleague, Claudia Jenner, Bergholt Languages offer 4 levels of class:

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After nearly 40 years…

The local WEA was formed 40 years ago this year

A group of locals formed the WEA West Bergholt Branch nearly 40 years ago on Tuesday 20th October 1981. They launched their first ‘season’ of lectures in spring 1982 on the topic of “The Citizen and the Law – criminal, family, and consumer”; local lawyers presented the course.

Imperial China might be the last course after nearly 40 years

They started their most recent series on “Imperial China: Land and People” in spring 2021 was curtailed because of the Covid 19 lockdown 1; they did manage to complete nine of the ten weeks of this excellently presented subject though.

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Songs & Tales from the Countryside

Neil Catchpole

Neil Catchpole who will talk on songs & tales from the countrysideSongs & Tales from the Countryside

Songs & Tales take the place of the Origins of Surnames at the Annual Bernard Colbron Lecture on 13th November next week.  This is because, due to circumstances outside his control, Charlie Haylock is unable to deliver the lecture himself.  Charlie has instead arranged for his friend Neil Catchpole to visit us in his place.

Many Talents

Neil Catchpole last visited the History Group about 15 years ago, he is a man of many talents. He is involved with the Stour Valley Trust, the Dedham Vale Area of Natural Beauty and Clare Country Park and grew up in the area.

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Avenue of Remembrance

Avenue of Remembrance

The Colchester Avenue of Remembrance, which opened in June 1933, was the topic for the Local History Group‘s October talk at Orpen Hall.  Their next meeting is the Bernard Colbron Memorial Lecture on 13th November when BBC’s Charlie Haylock will talk on the origins of surnames.

Local historian Liz White shared some interesting & surprising stories about the Avenue as reported by the Group:

Surprise # 1

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Edwardian West Bergholt & Gainsborough House

Edwardian West Bergholt DisplayEdwardian West Bergholt & Gainsborough House

The Local History Group gave villagers an insight into Edwardian West Bergholt at the recent Village Fete.  The History Group manned a stall which included a display discussing West Bergholt during the Edwardian period.

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