West Bergholt (Not) Open Gardens 2020

Marcus' Donkeys

Marcus' DonkeysWest Bergholt (Not) Open Gardens 2020

This is a more complete update of an earlier Open Gardens post with new material from the allotments; thanks to Peter Noakes for putting these collages together.

The West Bergholt Open Gardens has been a biennial event since 2014 and has raised thousands of pounds for local charities. This year it didn’t happen for obvious reasons, but the plan is it will return next year. We would like to share a few photos of the gardens & allotments that were due to be open on 28th June.  Hopefully you will find them uplifting and will encourage you to join in next year.  Gardens and donkeys are further down so keep scrolling!


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Day 102 of (floral) Lockdown – the ‘Open Gardens’ edition

Open Gardens Collage 4

Day 102 of (floral) Lockdown

On Day 102 of lockdown we have two floral stories, Open Gardens 2020 and a giant Echium.  In other news, two shorts:

  • New plye equipmentFollowing the recent announcement by the Prime Minster, the lockdown restrictions will be eased further with effect from 4th July.  There will be more venues opening, including playgrounds for children, & pubs/beer gardens for adults, but the main guidance remains.  The rules for social distancing are now set at 2m OR 1m with additional precautionary measures (e.g. face masks, being side-by-side etc…).
    You can read the full guidance here.  This guidance sets out the principles you should follow to ensure that time spent with others outside your home is as safe as possible. If you are clinically vulnerable or extremely vulnerable, you should follow the guidance on social distancing and for vulnerable people and you can also get support..
  • The Lorkin Daniell Playground will not reopen tomorrow, as it had been hoped, but is expected to reopen next weekend (weather permitting) once installation of new swings has been completed.

Oh, and this update wouldn’t be complete without Terry Wogan!

West Bergholt Open Gardens 2020

The West Bergholt Open Gardens has been a biennial event since 2014 and raised thousands of pounds for local charities. This year it had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but the plan is it will return next year. We would like to share a few photos of the gardens that were due to open on 28th June, and hope you find them uplifting Continue reading “Day 102 of (floral) Lockdown – the ‘Open Gardens’ edition”

Day 91 of (flagging) Lockdown – the Windrush edition

John Easey with NHS Radishes display

Armed Forces day flagDay 91 of (flagging) Lockdown

Day 91 lockdown coincides with Windrush Day commemorating the Windrush generation and their legacy.  You can find out more about this on Wikipedia and I ‘tip a hat to it’ at the end of the update.  The day also sees the start of a week of activity leading up to Armed Forces Day on Saturday which is where we start; other items:

Flag Raising ahead of Saturday’s Armed Forces’ Day

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Day 77 of (where is) Lockdown – the Gardeners edition

Day 77 of (wherNational Garden Schemee is?) Lockdown

On day 77 we start off with items of interest to gardeners and then quite a few more news items:

National Garden Scheme reopens

The National Garden Scheme has just started opening gardens.  You have to book a timed entry online (and pay Continue reading “Day 77 of (where is) Lockdown – the Gardeners edition”

Day 64 of (un?) Lockdown – the Spare Plants edition

Allotments Surplus

Allotments SurplusDay 64 of (un?) Lockdown

Day 64 seems to be full of controversy but not much news.  Here is what little we have, news relating to the allotments first and then a couple of health-related items from ECC.  As ever, some light relief at the end.

Spare Plants & Produce

Whilst COVID-19 has prevented the Allotments’ Charity Stall opening it is still possible to obtain surplus produce & plants.  A neighbour of the allotments on New Church Road is happy for their driveway to be used for plot holders to deposit their surplus and for villagers to take what they need. Continue reading “Day 64 of (un?) Lockdown – the Spare Plants edition”

Day 63 of (un?) Lockdown – the Old Church edition

Old Church circa 1880

Tower of JewelsDay 63 of (un?) Lockdown

The main news item for day 63 is an update on the Old Church renovations followed by a few updates from our government, and some fun at the end.  But first, we have a tall story from Annie Neish.

For those of you who are unable to cruise the village she thought you would like to see the Echium Pininana Tower of Jewels flowering beside the fence of the allotment on New Church Road.  Several years ago John had one on the plot next to her so she knew it might be possible.

A quick search on Wikipedia reveals this plant is native to La Palma in the Canaries where it is endangered due to habitat loss (Laurel forests).  Fortunately, it is being cultivated quite widely in the British Isles and Northern California so should have some resilience.

St Mary’s Old Church

Agreement about the best way forward following the discovery of the wall paintings was reached just as the Coronavirus put us all into lockdown. The work can now continue. Continue reading “Day 63 of (un?) Lockdown – the Old Church edition”

Day 58 of (is it?) Lockdown – the Life in Lockdown edition

Life in Lockdown

Life in LockdownDay 58 of (is it?) Lockdown

On day 58 we get the chance to finish what we started on day 57;  the Essex Life in Lockdown article inviting you to share your lockdown story. After that:

The People of Essex – share your stories

The Research and Citizen Insight team at Essex County Council are reaching out to residents of Essex to hear their experiences and share stories of what it has been like for you during this extremely challenging time. How has COVID-19 and the lockdown has impacted your life, how you’ve been getting on, how you have managed to stay connected with friends, family and your community and how you’ve been feeling throughout the lockdown period? Continue reading “Day 58 of (is it?) Lockdown – the Life in Lockdown edition”

Day 10 of Lockdown – The Police Edition

If the Last Supper was taking place this year

Day 10 of Lockdown

Our day 10 report starts with an update on NEEB’s appeal.  After that, we put together two reports found online yesterday.  Essex Police had noted there had been an uptick in cars on roads and Essex County Council (coincidentally?) gave advice on how to avoid car use.

On the subject of Essex Police, they paid a surprise visit to the allotments yesterday.   The last item is The Police offering advice about social distancing in a musical form.  🙂

Before we move on, a gentle reminder about NO BONFIRES please to protect kids with asthma; recycling collections will resume eventually so please hold your Green waste until then or use the CSH service for recyclables.  So, on to the NEEB update:

Planning Inspectorate Update

It seems that the Planning Inspectorates enquiry into the NEEB Holdings application has Continue reading “Day 10 of Lockdown – The Police Edition”