To Fence or Not to Fence Survey Results

The Results of the “Fence or Not to Fence” Survey Are Now In

Before Christmas, the Parish Council posted this survey on the hub. It posed a questions about fencing in the children’s playground on the Lorkin Daniell Field. Whilst the results show a clear support for fencing in the playground, this is only one of several ideas that the Parish Council will consider in the New Year.

The question posed was:

It has been suggested that it might be a good idea to fence in the playground on the Lorkin Daniell Field.  Reasons include to:

  • allow children to enjoy themselves without risk of wandering away,
  • give children a sense that it is THEIR space, and
  • keep dogs away from the area where children are playing.

What do you think?

The Fence Survey Result
The Results

Thanks For Participating

First of all, many thanks to the 91 who responded to this survey (which has now been closed).  Of these, 74 also gave reasons for their response. There was a very clear majority with 73 in favour of fencing with the most common reasons being:

  • Child Safety – 42 responses addressed this topic,
  • Dogs – 20 responses mentioned dogs, often with concerns about dog poo,
  • Football – 3 responses considered that football matches increased the risks to children playing. 

Those who chose No (13)  or Maybe (5) also raised interesting points summarised as follows:

  • Ergonomics – several related points include, for example, the way play can flow from area to area, parents can currently observe children playing from under the trees; fencing could impede these actions,
  • Dogs – the next most common observation was that this should be a non-issue since dogs are already banned,
  • Money – it was also commented that the money this would cost could, perhaps, be better spent elsewhere.

What Next?

The Parish Council will now look further into this over coming months taking these responses into consideration.  If you want to keep up to date on how this progresses, then check the Parish Council Agenda prior to each monthly meeting (the fourth Wednesday each month). Members of the public are welcome to attend these meetings

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