They Came From Mars – An Orpen Players Comedy

They Came From Mars & Landed outside the Church Hall

Following the success of their Spring Pantomime, “They came from Mars and landed outside the Farndale Avenue Church Hall in time for the Townswomen’s Guild’s Coffee Morning” is an unabashed comedy.

Spaceship from Mars landing on the hall

Directed by Michael Poole, this hilarious comedy written by David McGillivray and Walter Zetlin Jr. will, according to one reviewer “laughing until you cry”.


Cheeky Martian

The Farndale Avenue ladies attempt lift off with their Dramatic Society’s unique production of a sci fi thriller. Needless to say, high tech effects going awry and the limited talents of some group members ensure that the cast remains firmly on the ground some more than others. As ever, the resourceful Mrs. Reece brilliantly circumnavigates pitfalls as she steers the company into orbit and through space to genteel tea on Mars, where the nail biting action is interrupted to present the Flower Arranging Award. The tear jerking culmination has hysterical audiences on the edges of their seats.

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Hello Martian

The Where, When & How Much

The play will be in the Orpen Memorial Hall from Thursday 13th to Saturday 15th of October starting at 8 pm. Tickets are £8 adults and £5 for children. You can order them now by email or phone:

Spring Pantomime

The Orpen Players’ Spring Pantomime “Cinderella” received 2 Awards from the North East Essex Theatre Guild 

  • Best Supporting Actress. Karen Jane Linsell as Buttons. 
  • Best Set Design and Construction by Catherine Streatfield and members.

They had actually received seven nominations with the others being for:

  • Best Dame. Frank Barker and Neil Springall  as the Ugly Sisters,
  • Best Costumes. Nicole Long, Jane Banks, and Gaile Brook,
  • Best Supporting Actress. Faith Spinlove and Jenny Deal as Ruff and Tuff,
  • Best Pantomime. Catherine Streatfield, Maxine Roberts and Debra Hornigold.

New Members Welcomed

New Members are always welcome. The Players meet at the Hall on Mondays and Fridays evenings for rehearsals. If you are interested in joining the Group contact Amy (membership secretary) on 07966 293627.

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