Oh No, Not Census 2021 Again!

Domesday Book extract

OK, so you’ve had enough of reading about Census 2021 on Facebook already but we have just received some new information that you might find of interest. First of all, though, Bowls.

Bowls is Ready to Go

Woods Bowls Club Badge

Being an outdoor bowls club, the green light was given for organised sport to recommence from 29th March. Therefore, Woods Bowls Club are delighted to report that they are able to have a full season, competing against other clubs once again. Some minor restrictions may be necessary until 21 June.

Fancy a go?

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Successful Season for Woods Bowls Club

Woods Bowls Club celebrating being ChampionsSuccessful Season for Woods Bowls Club

Woods Bowls Club, based at Keepers Green, Braiswick is our closest Green Bowls Club.  They saw several West Bergholt visitors at their Open Day earlier this year and have had a very successful season as their report below shows.

Unbeaten Fours & Runners-up in Triples

The 2019 outdoor season has been very successful for our club.  Our Men finished top of the Continue reading “Successful Season for Woods Bowls Club”

Nuthatches Moved In

Nuthatches Moved In To Hillhouse Wood

Nuthatches moved in to Hillhouse Wood about four years ago, having been absent for at least thirty years.  They are lively and attractive birds who move in quick hops and short flights from branch to branch and are often seen running down a tree looking for food hidden in the bark.  The RSPB describes them as follows: Continue reading “Nuthatches Moved In”