Day 44 of Lockdown – the Stress edition

StressDay 44 of Lockdown

On day 44 we start with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) being worried about stress levels during Lockdown.  We then have two complementary articles from ECC and CBC about VE 75th anniversary and, as ever, end with some things to do and a little light relief.

Look after your mental wellbeing while working at home

During the coronavirus outbreak, it’s important to look after your mental wellbeing while staying at home.

Stress affects us all at different times and in different ways. It can cause Continue reading “Day 44 of Lockdown – the Stress edition”

Day 43 of Lockdown – the “Specials” edition

Stay at home, play & save lives

Stay at home, play & save livesDay 43 of Lockdown

After a quiet weekend for local news, day 43 (6 weeks and a day!!!), brings us a few bits of news that might interest.  Also a rather lovely parody of Cat Stevens’ Father & Son and other light relief.  So we have:

Community Special Constables Needed

The parish has a low crime rate but does suffer from occasional antisocial behaviour and parking issues, along with sporadic rural crime.  West Bergholt Parish Council are supporting Essex Police to increase local and visible policing in their area.  We nearly had Continue reading “Day 43 of Lockdown – the “Specials” edition”

Day 39 of Lockdown – the St Mary’s May edition

VE-Day 75th Anniversary Stamp

Clowns humour by Manny Francisco in ManilaDay 39 of Lockdown

Our day 39 update starts with St Mary’s May edition of their news which includes a message from Revd Mandy Elmes and details of how to access services online.  Other updates include:

St Mary’s Update

This update starts with a message from Revd. Mandy Elmes and also includes details of how to access Zoom services,  Continue reading “Day 39 of Lockdown – the St Mary’s May edition”

Day 1 of (Soft) Lockdown

Day 1 - Play Equipment ClosedDay 1 of (Soft) Lockdown

As you might imagine, as we sit here in our homes on Day 1 of a relatively soft lockdown, advice and news keep flowing.  This update summarises some of the most relevant:

  • Allotments remain open to plot-holders who can access them ‘for exercise purposes’ once a day.   Observe social distancing!
  • CBC has suspended Garden Waste collections, read more below.
  • Bonfire Warning, read below.
  • Parks closed and use of play equipment not permitted by Government Order.
  • Halls are also closed unless:
    • they are being used to host pre-schools being kept open for key workers, or
    • designated as emergency centres.
  • Charity Commission & Government advice on charity employees.
  • If you are an older person, living alone, and generally feeling the need for support then The Silverline is a useful resource.  The Silverline also offers advice on protecting yourself from COVID-19 and is open 24 x 7.
  • It has been agreed nationally that all VE Day celebration due to be held in May are to be postponed.  It is possible they will be held in August near VJ Day.
  • Concerts by Resonate Choir and Comrie Singers scheduled for Old Church in June are now highly unlikely to happen.

Continue reading “Day 1 of (Soft) Lockdown”

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