Trees for Years 2019

Red Stem Dogwood, available in Trees for Years 2016

Trees for Years 2019

Colchester Borough Council is giving residents and groups who’d like to green-up their gardens a helping hand, with its annual ‘Trees for Years’ giveaway on Saturday, 2 February.  Turn up at Rowan House, 33 Sheepen Road between 10 am – 1 pm and you can take home up to 3 plants per resident (or 15 per school/community group or parish council).  Arrive Continue reading “Trees for Years 2019”

Trees for Years 2016

Red Stem Dogwood, available in Trees for Years 2016
Red Stem Dogwood, available in Trees for Years 2016
Red Stem Dogwood, on the 2016 list

Trees for Years 2016

Returning for it’s tenth year, Colchester Borough Council have 2016 free trees and fruit bushes to give away in its popular Trees for Years giveaway.  The free plants are available to Colchester Borough residents, community groups and parish councils. Residents can collect up to three plants per household and up to 15 per community group, school or parish council.

Species available this year are:

  • Raspberry Canes.
  • Gooseberry Bush.
  • Acer campestre – Field Maple.
  • Betulapendula – Silver Birch.
  • Cornusalba ‘Siberica’ – Red Stem Dogwood.
  • Cornusstolonifera ‘Flaviramea’ – Yellow Stem Dogwood.
  • Blackcurrant Canes.
  • Forsythia x intermedia ‘Spectabilis’.
  • Prunuspadus – Bird Cherry.
  • Corylusavellana – Hazel Cob Nut.​

If you are unsure about which plants would be suitable for your garden, members of the Parks Department will be available to give advice on which plants would be suitable for different size gardens.  There will also be a useful pamphlet giving care guidelines, the following is for the 2015 event which has some of this years plants as well:

The 2016 bare root trees and fruit bushes will be available on a first come first served basis.

Trees must be planted on private property. Postcodes will be recorded to monitor the distribution.

The event takes place on Saturday 30 January, from 10am to 1pm, in the car park of Colchester Borough Council’s offices at Rowan House, in Sheepen Road, Colchester.

Trees for Years has previously been funded through sponsorship by OfficeIS, but CBC are looking for new sponsors for future years.

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