Day 24 of Lockdown – The “Wot No ….” Edition

Day 24 of Lockdown

Day 24 starts off being a day of cancellations, passes by some gratitude from the NHS and moves on to an inevitable lighter moment with a musical cups game to try with the kids.  Don’t forget to join the applause for those in the front line tonight!


Village Bulletin

Whilst recognising that the Village Bulletin is particularly appreciated by those without access to technology, the difficult Continue reading “Day 24 of Lockdown – The “Wot No ….” Edition”

Day 11 of Lockdown – The Sunshine Edition

Day 11 of Lockdown

On Day 11 of lockdown, we think about the 2 nurses, both mothers of 3, who died today.  Being on the front line, along with many in often-considered lowly jobs (posties, shop workers, dustmen etc…), we rightly thanked them last night at 8 pm and it was good to hear more noise this week than last!

So, some important, and one less so, items to discuss:


The lockdown is intended to help reduce the number of cases the NHS are asked to deal with.  By staying in we Continue reading “Day 11 of Lockdown – The Sunshine Edition”

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