Free Cycle training, Police & Other Updates

Free Cycle Training

Family cycling - get free cycle training

Through Safer Essex Roads Partnership, ECC is offering free cycle training until the end of March 2022.  They have courses available for Children, Adults (beginners to advanced) and even families. Sessions are led by qualified instructors and range from 45 minutes to 3 hours! 

If you are interested then you should register your interest here.

Other updates

Essex Police

Essex Police has recently published issue 15 of their local news update.  It is a decent read with much to interest, e.g. spiking, property closed due to anti-social behaviour and joint patrols with RMP.  There’s also a nice snippet on ‘Disruptor Teams’ who look into and tackle crimes such as anti-social behaviour within communities. It rounds off with an article on cycle security and contact information to help victims of domestic abuse.  You can read the whole update below.

Community Updates

This is a much slimmer document with more white space than words, however, items of interest are:

The Police Update in Full

Here we go again – Stay at home & Advent News

An advent window

Here we go again, Advent & Other News

An advent window
See a video display of the windows Advent Calendar below

Colchester will join the rest of Essex in Tier 4 a minute after midnight Xmas Day.  After that non-essential services & shops will be closed and we are asked to stay at home apart from exercise, shopping etc…

No household mixing indoors is allowed.  You can leave your home to exercise by yourself, with your Continue reading “Here we go again – Stay at home & Advent News”

The First Window Opens This Evening (& other news)

The first window

The first windowThe First Window Opens

This news round-up starts with the First Window opening this evening and then also covers:

How it Started

Inspired by other places around the country that turn their village into a giant advent calendar, St Mary’s are very grateful to those who volunteered to decorate a window representing a part of the nativity story.

The idea is that each window has a number in it representing their day and that the actual design is not revealed until the allocated day. The revealed designs are then lit each Continue reading “The First Window Opens This Evening (& other news)”

Winter Resilience – Coping with COVID

Winter ResilienceWinter Resilience

Colchester BC is launching a Winter Resilience programme to see us through winter with COVID.  The intention is to ensure all residents are prepared and/or have access to support when they need it.

Community360 minibus

This year they are going mobile and will be out and about in the community, so look out for the Community360 minibus in your area.  Soon they’ll be dropping off packs to Continue reading “Winter Resilience – Coping with COVID”

Befrienders, Roads and Ending in Tiers

Befrienders, Roads and Ending in Tiers

This update covers four topics starting with Befrienders Week and then addressing:

Befrienders Week

Did you know that 1 – 7 November is Befrienders Week?  The local groups that make up the Colchester Befrienders Network Group are taking this opportunity to let you know about them, what they Continue reading “Befrienders, Roads and Ending in Tiers”

Day 84 of (shopping) Lockdown – the ‘Primark’ edition

Heart of methodists thoughts

Day 84 of (shopping) Lockdown

Day 84 is also day 3 of the Siege of Colchester some 372 years ago, that siege only lasted 77 days and here we are at day 84 of our COVID-19 siege.  With the shops reopening, are we at the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning?  If we want it to be the former then I guess we need to stay alert?  Today is also the start of Loneliness Awareness Week, other news:

Loneliness Awareness WeekLoneliness Awareness Week

The Marmalade Trust started Loneliness Awareness Week (LAW) 4 years ago to raise awareness Continue reading “Day 84 of (shopping) Lockdown – the ‘Primark’ edition”

Day 79 of (bubbling) Lockdown – the Zoo edition

Elephant at Colchester Zoo

Social bubblesDay 79 of (bubbling) Lockdown – the Zoo edition

On Day 79 lockdown becomes bubbly as some will soon be able to have a full contact social bubble of 2 households!  Other news kicks off with:

Colchester Zoo to Reopen

Colchester Zoo has announced their intention to reopen next week.  They have yet to confirm Continue reading “Day 79 of (bubbling) Lockdown – the Zoo edition”

Day 32 of Lockdown – the Co-op Dancers edition

Co-op DancersDay 32 of Lockdown

Day 32 sees another slew of updates from Borough & County Councils, some anti-fraud stuff, the Tik-Tok videos of the Co-op dancers stitched together into one and a musical interlude.

But first, let’s enjoy the Co-op Dancers:

Dancing for West Bergholt

What better way to spend your evening after a hard day’s work than spending 45 minutes rehearsing some dance moves.  Well, that’s what Continue reading “Day 32 of Lockdown – the Co-op Dancers edition”

Do you know a crime victim who needed support?

Victim Support LogoVictim Support needs more volunteers

Victim Support is an independent charity working towards a world where people affected by crime or traumatic events get the support they need and the respect they deserve. They help people feel safer and find the strength to move beyond crime. They tailor their support to victims’ needs and it is given freely & confidentially.  Last year in Essex, their team of trained volunteers and staff supported over Continue reading “Do you know a crime victim who needed support?”