Who Was Constable William Raven?

Find out about William Raven, Buried in Old St Mary’s Churchyard

Constable William Raven
Constable William Raven

William Raven, a resident of West Bergholt, was born in Coggeshall in 1817, joined the Essex Constabulary in 1844 and died in 1911. You can now visit his, & his wife’s, grave in (Old) St Mary’s Churchyard but what happened in between those years?

Find out when Professor James Raven, from the Universities of Cambridge & Essex, gives a talk about his ancestor. He will touch on a number of topics that bear comparison with today such as:

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Churches Old & New with Christmas News & More

Old Church May 2020

Old Church Crib sceneChurches Old & New with Christmas News

This news update starts with Christmas News from the Old Church, then:

Old Church Update

Old Church Xmas TreeHolly in the windowThe Friends of St Mary’s are sad to have to cancel the Carol Service there again this year as they cannot organise it in a COVID-safe way.  However, Continue reading “Churches Old & New with Christmas News & More”

Lockdown Strikes – No Cakes!

One of 2020 Xmas Cards - features Old Church Organ - but no cakes

Lockdown Strikes – No Cakes!

Last week’s news roundup spoke of fundraising ideas from the Friends of St Mary’s Old Church but there will now be no cakes.  Unfortunately, Lockdown restrictions have made it very difficult to organise the sale of cakes, Cards & books on Saturday as had been planned.  There is a slim chance that they may be able to rearrange for December but this is likely to be too late for Xmas post.

Gift Idea?

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Cakes, History, Remembrance & Fitness

Remembrance pebbles

Remembrance pebblesCakes, History, Remembrance, Fitness & St Mary’s Update – Updated for Lockdown

This news update covers several topics, starting with Cakes, History & Xmas, then covering:

First let’s find out what Cakes, History & Xmas have in common:

Cards, Cakes, History & Xmas – what’s not to like?

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Day 1 of (Soft) Lockdown

Day 1 - Play Equipment ClosedDay 1 of (Soft) Lockdown

As you might imagine, as we sit here in our homes on Day 1 of a relatively soft lockdown, advice and news keep flowing.  This update summarises some of the most relevant:

  • Allotments remain open to plot-holders who can access them ‘for exercise purposes’ once a day.   Observe social distancing!
  • CBC has suspended Garden Waste collections, read more below.
  • Bonfire Warning, read below.
  • Parks closed and use of play equipment not permitted by Government Order.
  • Halls are also closed unless:
    • they are being used to host pre-schools being kept open for key workers, or
    • designated as emergency centres.
  • Charity Commission & Government advice on charity employees.
  • If you are an older person, living alone, and generally feeling the need for support then The Silverline is a useful resource.  The Silverline also offers advice on protecting yourself from COVID-19 and is open 24 x 7.
  • It has been agreed nationally that all VE Day celebration due to be held in May are to be postponed.  It is possible they will be held in August near VJ Day.
  • Concerts by Resonate Choir and Comrie Singers scheduled for Old Church in June are now highly unlikely to happen.

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Art Lovers Help Raise Hundreds – 320 visitors!

Art Lovers in the Old ChurchArt Lovers Help Raise Hundreds

Art lovers turned out in their hundreds to visit the Art Show in the Old Church.  In just 10 hours over the weekend of 15th – 16th June 320 visitors came to enjoy an art exhibition.  Local artists had produced 185 works of art for the exhibition.  The artists had used a variety of mediums to produce paintings which ranged in size from small to supersize.

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St Mary’s – Royal Arms, Havard and Art

Bluebells Pre-School contributions to the Exhibition

Bluebells Pre-School contributions to the Exhibition

St Mary’s – Royal Arms, Havard and Art

Peter Noakes’ recent talk about St Mary’s Through Time, focussing on the Royal Arms and Rev Havard, was very well supported. (Read more below). Progress in setting up the Art Exhibition is well underway but more works would be much appreciated.  The Friends of St Mary’s report as follows:

Art In The Old Church

The Friends have had a lot of interest in their forthcoming art exhibition.  This takes place over the weekend of 15th-16th June but so far only about 20 people have submitted forms.  They welcome budding Continue reading “St Mary’s – Royal Arms, Havard and Art”

St Mary’s Through Time

The talk on St Mary's Through Time will discuss the interior of St Mary's featuring the Royal Coat of Arms that will be a subject in
The Royal Coat of Arms

St Mary’s Through Time

Local Historian Peter Noakes will be talking about St Mary’s Through Time on Saturday 18th of May.  He will answer puzzles such as:

  • who was the Rector at St Mary’s for an amazing 48 years, and
  • why is there a Royal Coat of Arms on the wall?

The talk, which is being held in the Old Church, will start at 2:30 pm.  Entry is free and accompanied Continue reading “St Mary’s Through Time”