Fundraiser for Year 6 Leavers & Other News

We’ll start with the fundraiser but other stories include:

Year 6 Leavers Fundraiser

Kelly's HIIT Year 6 Fundraiser

Help raise money to give Heathlands’ Year 6 leavers a good send-off this year.  Kelly, who runs regular High-Intensity Interval Training classes in the village, is running a special Zoom fundraising session on Monday 7th June at 7:30 pm.  Kelly describes her HIIT sessions as:

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Befrienders, Roads and Ending in Tiers

Befrienders, Roads and Ending in Tiers

This update covers four topics starting with Befrienders Week and then addressing:

Befrienders Week

Did you know that 1 – 7 November is Befrienders Week?  The local groups that make up the Colchester Befrienders Network Group are taking this opportunity to let you know about them, what they Continue reading “Befrienders, Roads and Ending in Tiers”

A12 Urgent Resurfacing Overnight 15th January

Diversion route for closure of A12

Diversion route for closure of A12A12 Urgent Resurfacing Overnight 15th January

We have been informed that urgent resurfacing will be taking place between 8 pm to 6 am overnight on 15th January (weather permitting).  Kier Highways will be closing the road SOUTHBOUND between junctions 28 and 26.  They will put a diversion in place via A1232 and A133 before re-joining the A12 southbound at junction 26.


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Chitts Hill Overnight Closure 3rd December

chitts-hill-crossing-closure-03dec16Chitts Hill Overnight Closure 3rd December

There will be a closure of Chitts Hill Level Crossing to traffic between 23:45 and 07:00 on the night of 3rd December.  This is to enable Network Rail to undertake urgent track consolidation through the crossing.  Network Rail will maintain emergency & pedestrian access at all times.

The alternative route will be via Chitts Hill, Argents Lane, Spring Lane, Halstead Road, Chitts Hill and vice versa.

MicroSurfacing Update

MicroSurfacing Update

Many of you will have had letters or seen publicity about the resurfacing programme that will take place shortly on key roads in the village including Chapel Road, New Church Road and Queens Road.  However the term MicroSurfacing may have had many of you reaching for Wikipedia or simply scratching your heads in bewilderment!

So what is it?

The wait is nearly over and we will soon be seeing it in action but for those who would like to be prepared we have found the video (below) that should help you understand what will happen. The video is from the US but the principle is exactly the same here.

As you can see from the video a thin layer of surfacing is laid over the road once obvious defects such as potholes and larger patches have been repaired.  In our case these defects have already been attended to in past weeks, so all that is needed is the application of the road surfacing material.  During most of this time through traffic will be blocked, but access to your property will be maintained wherever possible; there may be constraints when the material is actually being laid outside your driveway of course.  Once the preparation is completed, though, and the surface is being laid it is normal for one side of the road to be completely closed until the surface is solid enough to take traffic (about half an hour).

How can you help?

  • Be patient, the road will be much nicer when it is finished.
  • Do obey the signs saying no parking because parked cars will prevent work taking place until the owner is traced and the vehicle moved.

Micro-Surfacing – October 2015

Micro-Surfacing Works – October 2015

Ringway Micro-SurfacingEarly October sees the return of Ringway to do more Micro-Surfacing works on our roads.   This work will necessitate road closures with restricted access particularly whilst the micro-surfacing has been newly laid.  There will also be parking restrictions to allow the whole road surface to be addressed.  Be aware that the dates may vary slightly if weather interferes with the works.

  • Chapel Road – Thursday October 1st – 6th, with the road closed for 4 working days, a diversion will be in place, access to driveways restricted at times, road open throughout the weekend . This will affect bus routes – enquiries are being made about the effect this may have so come back and visit later, we will post any updates on this page.  Immediately prior to the surfacing works Anglian Water will also be undertaking works between 28th – 29th September – Chapel Road will remain open but with traffic light controls past the works.
  • Chapel Lane – Wednesday October 7th, road closed for 2 days – diversion in place, access to driveways restricted at times.
  • Queens Road – Wednesday October 7th, road closed for 2 days – as Chapel Lane above.
  • New Church Road – Wednesday October 7th, road closed for 2 days – as Chapel Lane above. This will affect school traffic – a letter has already been sent out to parents from the school.
If you have any queries you are invited to contact Ringway on 0845 603 7631.

What is Micro-Surfacing?

It is a thin, tough layer of asphalt emulsion blended with finely crushed stone for traction. This is a cost-effective method to renew the road surface and seal minor cracks and other irregularities.

Forward planning

The end of October may see slightly heavier traffic than usual on the B1508 Colchester Road as it becomes a diversion route for traffic normally using the Sudbury Road in Bures.

Lexden Road Closure – Buses Update

Lexden Road Closure – Buses Update

Lexden Road Closure Buses Following further discussions with bus companies we are now able to provide a fuller update on bus routes and stops in use whilst the sewers are repaired in Lexden Road (expected to be until Wednesday 9th September but could be longer).

All buses that would normally complete the “West Bergholt loop” will now be running up and down Chapel Road only, using Mumford Road and Donard Drive to turn around.  Only the Chambers 753/754 will continue along Colchester Road as a whole, the other buses will not be running along Lexden Road or the top part of Colchester Road by the Treble Tile (see map).

The following bus services will be affected:

  • 17 – Hedingham School Service – West Bergholt to Stanway School
  • 755 / 756 – Chambers School Service – West Bergholt to Norman Way Schools
  • 66 – First Essex – West Bergholt to Colchester/Old Heath
  • 67b – First Essex – West Bergholt to West Mersea

Please wait for your buses at the waiting areas along Chapel Road and only the part of Colchester Road past the roundabout to the Maltings where the school buses would normally stop.


Lexden Road Closed

Lexden Road Closed
Recommended Alternative Route

Lexden Road Closed

Apologies for late notice on this but we have been advised that due to a sewer collapse requiring urgent works, Lexden Road will be closed to traffic for most of the distance between Sackville Way and Orpen Close.  The closure took effect from 25th August and could last for up to 21 days (15th September).

Emergency & Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times, any enquiries to Anglian Water’s contractor on 01449 678932.

The recommended alternative route, being more appropriate for through traffic rather than local journeys, is via Colchester Road and Chapel Road.


Following an enquiry about buses, we have contacted First (66 & 67) who assure us that all bus stops remain open but that there is a diversionary route through Mumford & Donard Roads – it is expected that other operators will do similar, please advise if you find different.