5 Es to Address Traffic Safety

5 Es to Address Traffic Safety

Illegally Parked Vehicle

Responding to concerns about traffic related safety issues in the village, the Parish Council has helped to form a group whose brief is to explore ways of addressing these concerns.  This group consists of Parish Councillors, Borough Councillors and residents who want to help bring about improvements; since September it has met three times.

As a starting point, the Village Safety Plan of 2012, which led to changes in New Church Road, has been revisited.  As then, no single measure will solve all our problems, and so an approach, which is termed the 5 Es, is being followed.

  1. Engage the community
  2. Encourage good driving and parking
  3. Educate all sections of the community
  4. Enforce the regulations
  5. Engineer revised road layouts

All need careful thought and cooperation to achieve, with 4E and 5E being most difficult and needing most time; however we have made a start.

On 25th February in the Orpen Hall a safety promotional event is being planned and will be advertised fully in the New Year, so please look out for details and make every effort to attend.

Reporting bad & illegal practices on Trygve
Reporting bad & illegal practices on Trygve


Following increased activity on Facebook about 30 residents have already downloaded an App called Trygve.  This gives you the chance to report incidents, with photographs if appropriate, and will:

  • give the authorities the means to identify persistent safety abusers, and
  • enable the group to collect evidence to support action at the most dangerous hotspots.

That being so, if you feel able, please sign up to join those already giving their support using this link.


The team are also establishing good communications with the School, hence parents, and there are plans to engage other key players such as the Coop.

If you have ideas to help, or would like more information, please contact the group through the Parish Clerk, Laura Walkinshaw, on 240772 or [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”].

Harry Stone
(Vice Chair of Parish Council)

New Speeding & Parking Initiative

Speeding & parking initiative using TrygveNew Speeding & Parking Initiative

Following the recent Traffic Safety Group meeting, a new initiative has been launched to help reduce parking & speeding issues in and around West Bergholt. Based on a free community safety App, Trygve, users can share and receive local incident information in real time.  This information can be as detailed as you want including pictures and GPS location but should always include:

  • Date.
  • Time.
  • Where (did it happen).
  • What (was the issue).

Using the App will allow the group to measure the number of incidents and identify hot spots.

Already in use in many communities in the UK, a Neighbourhood watch coordinator using it in his community has said:

The Trygve interface is easy to understandThe app has not only been good at creating a community, but we have also been able to help with a few incidents of anti-social behaviour and thefts, by being able to pass more information onto police.  It can help map any crime trends, and make users aware of areas they may want to be more alert.

It is an easier and quicker way for the community to communicate with each other as Facebook is not as instant as this app, nor can it use GPS as accurately.  I am proud to co-ordinate our group and use my skills from my job to share more safety tips.

You can download Trygve to Android or iPhone devices; there is also a mobile friendly web-version for other mobiles and devices.

Traffic Safety Plans

New Church Road nr Heathlands

In recent years village residents have become increasingly aware and concerned by the deteriorating safety aspects relating to the level of road traffic in West Bergholt, particularly in the environs of Heathlands Primary School.  Parked vehicles in and around New Church Road, particularly in the area of the school in term time, at school opening and closing times and around the area of the Co-op store are known traffic hazards.

In order to improve this situation the Parish Council has approved a traffic safety plan to address these concerns.  The plan has at its core the following statement:

 “The Parish Council has a vision for the future travel environment in the village where walking and cycling become the preferred modes of travel, that traffic levels and parking do not dominate our village and that the safety of adult and child pedestrians remains paramount”

An enhancement in levels of safety, both perceived and actual, is the fundamental aim of this plan and its objectives are to:

  • Improve all aspects of road safety for Heathlands School and nearby feeder roads.
  • Manage traffic in a way that prevents congestion, delays and maximises safety.
  • To improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Maintain access to important travel destinations.

It is felt that these aims and objectives can be achieved by restricting parking in the areas that present the greatest dangers while at the same time providing alternatives for parking, particularly those parents who find it necessary to use a car to transport their children to school. Means of slowing traffic are being considered while at the same time facilities are improved for pedestrians and cyclists.

These measures do depend on the support and agreement for funding of Essex County Council and Colchester Borough Council. Some progress has been made and it has already been agreed to construct a “build out” in New Church Road around the exit of the pathway from Mumford Close.  This will provide extra safety for pedestrians and at the same time have the effect of slowing traffic.  Better signage for traffic around the school is also being given high priority.  Discussions are being held with the school to determine how the plan can assist in its efforts to ensure that pupils can travel safely to school.

A full copy of the plan can be obtained from the Parish Clerk or Harry Stone by Email at [email protected]

This material has been developed for the West Bergholt Village Website at http://www.westbergholt.net