Environment & Highways 11th November 2021

Highlights of Environment & Highways Meeting on 11th November 2021


The Environment & Highways Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 11th November 2021 with topics including:

  • Handymen dealing with activities such as fallen branch, to reviewing drainage issues,
  • Potential work on ponds,
  • Hopkins Home offer of land,
  • Orpen Hall trees, &
  • Parking in Colchester Road.
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Seeing Red & Other Council News

Today the Parish Council resumes in-person meetings. You can find out what they’ll be talking about in detail on the Parish Council Agenda Page. In summary they will appoint Vice Chairs, Responsible Finance Officer and standing committees and other representatives. Committees & CBC Councillors will be giving updates, Audit report and other financial documents will be reviewed.  Planning looks at 3 applications and receives an update on the NEEB appeal.

If a member of the public or press wishes to attend this meeting, please email the Clerk as soon as possible so that suitable Covid-secure arrangements can be made. A zoom link will also be made available for those who prefer to attend remotely.

Seeing Red with an Illegal & Problem Parking Blight

Seeing red with illegal parking

The Parish Council are seeing red about illegal parking around the Zebra Crossing on Chapel Road and have placed 2 huge red banners to remind illegal parkers not to do so.

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Winter Bulletin & Some Christmassy News

Issue 163 Bulletin Cover

Issue 163 Bulletin CoverWinter Bulletin Is Online

First the Bulletin ‘heads-up’ and then:

Why Online?

With the recent Lockdown, it was not possible to print and distribute the Bulletin as usual but it is now available online.  If you know of somebody unable to access the online version, it will be possible to access Continue reading “Winter Bulletin & Some Christmassy News”

Day 98 of (new balls) Lockdown – the ‘wot, no Wimbledon’ edition

Keeping fit

Anyone for tennisDay 98 of (new balls) Lockdown

On Day 98 of lockdown Wimbledon doesn’t start, yet another sporting casualty of the pandemic.    A few topics today, most addressing your mental or physical fitness:

Museum from Home

We’ve reported on Colchester Museums’ Museum from Home initiative before but they keep coming up with new activities so it is worth a reminder.  Some of the newer ideas are: Continue reading “Day 98 of (new balls) Lockdown – the ‘wot, no Wimbledon’ edition”

Day 74 of (fluctuating) Lockdown – the Town Centre edition

Fraud scam alert

Day 74 of (fluctuating) Lockdown

Day 74 sees a focus on Colchester town centre to start with – actions to make it greener and easier to social-distance kick us off:

Greener Town CentreThumbs Up for ‘Safer, Greener, Healthier’ Town Centre

Health experts and leading cycling and walking campaigners have welcomed ambitious plans to make Colchester town centre streets safer, greener and healthier. Continue reading “Day 74 of (fluctuating) Lockdown – the Town Centre edition”

Heritage & Environment

Bourne Mill Heritage Site

Heritage & Environment

Colchester Borough Council has issued a few news items lately that you might have missed and yet could interest you:

Bourne Mill Heritage SiteHeritage Open Days

This year Heritage Open Days is set to open the doors to over thirty historic properties across Colchester for FREE.  This includes Colchester Castle on Saturday 8 September.

From 6-9 and 13-16 September 2018, Colchester’s sites of significant historical and architectural interest will be open free of charge. Other planned activities over the two weekends include accompanied guided walks, talks, tours and exhibitions.

Heritage Open Days is England’s largest festival of history and culture.  It sees historic places countrywide throw open their doors to celebrate their individual heritage, community and history. It provides a great way to discover Colchester’s fascinating history and see inside venues that are usually closed to the public, all for free. Find out more here.

This promises to be a great event so why not make the most of it?


Recycling – Thank You!

The latest figures for recycling are out one year on from the collection changes which were introduced last June.  Non-recyclable rubbish is down by 31% and food waste is up 80%, when compared to the same period last year.

Overall recycling is up to 53% of the total rubbish collected with recycling rates for all individual items also increasing.  You can read more here.


Essex County Council has recently launched a Keep Cup campaign.  It aims to get as many people in Essex to make a pledge to reduce the use of single-use coffee cups by opting for a reusable cup. More than 1000 residents have already made their pledge so why not make yours today?

Simply visit their website and make your pledge to show your support. Every pledge helps reduce the impact on the environment.

Save Paper When Parking

Save paper by switching from pay and display car park tickets to the FREE MiPermit app to pay for your town centre car parking in Colchester (and many other locations country-wide).

You can also use the app to:

  • set up a reminder to receive an alert when payment for your parking space is about to expire,
  • top up your parking without going back to your vehicle,
  • check on the app map to see where you left your vehicle and
  • check where your nearest car park is using your location.

You can find out more about the MiPermit app and register for an account here.





So what are the Five Es?

Road Safety failures

West Bergholt Road Safety Group

So what are the Five Es?

In short the Five Es are the village’s Road Safety Group’s basic principles for improving Road Safety in West Bergholt.  The Road Safety Group was formed two years ago prompted by:

  • a concern for safety around the Co-op zebra crossing, and
  • the need to create a second road safety plan for:
    • the school area, and
    • other roads around the village.

The group is made up of Borough & Parish Council members and volunteers from around the village. We are engaging fully with Essex Council and Anne Brown, our County Councilor has a significant interest in our campaign.

The Five Es

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