Environment & Highways 14th October 2021

Highlights of Environment & Highways Meeting on 14th October 2021

Plan for the Environment to support diversity

The Environment & Highways Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 14th October 2021 with topics including:

  • Handymen have been busy including cutting grass, dealing with a trip hazard in New Church Road,
  • Concern about overgrown Hall Road pond,
  • Hopkins Home building site,
  • Lorkin Daniell hedging & safety concerns, and
  • Orpen Hall tree replacement.
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Environment & Highways – 14th February 2019


Environment & Highways – 14th February 2019

The Environment & Highways Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 14th February and discussed play equipment, village of the year competition, tree replacement, allotments & much more.

Environment Committee Minutes

Committee Meeting held on Thursday 14th February 2019 in Social Club meeting room

Committee members present: Philip Spencer, Jenny Church, Murray Harlow, Harry Stone, David Short
Apologies: John Gili-Ross

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More Roadworks – 17th – 19th December

Roadworks 17th - 19th December

Roadworks 17th - 19th DecemberMore Roadworks – 17th – 19th December

To compound the current closure of Chapel Lane to through traffic, 17th – 19th December sees more disruption.  Anglian Water will be undertaking Valve Checks which will entail multi-way traffic controls at the junction of New Church Road and Chapel Road.  Anglian Water will also be working in Pirie Road over those days although traffic disruption is not expected.

And in the New Year…

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MicroSurfacing Update

MicroSurfacing Update

Many of you will have had letters or seen publicity about the resurfacing programme that will take place shortly on key roads in the village including Chapel Road, New Church Road and Queens Road.  However the term MicroSurfacing may have had many of you reaching for Wikipedia or simply scratching your heads in bewilderment!

So what is it?

The wait is nearly over and we will soon be seeing it in action but for those who would like to be prepared we have found the video (below) that should help you understand what will happen. The video is from the US but the principle is exactly the same here.

As you can see from the video a thin layer of surfacing is laid over the road once obvious defects such as potholes and larger patches have been repaired.  In our case these defects have already been attended to in past weeks, so all that is needed is the application of the road surfacing material.  During most of this time through traffic will be blocked, but access to your property will be maintained wherever possible; there may be constraints when the material is actually being laid outside your driveway of course.  Once the preparation is completed, though, and the surface is being laid it is normal for one side of the road to be completely closed until the surface is solid enough to take traffic (about half an hour).

How can you help?

  • Be patient, the road will be much nicer when it is finished.
  • Do obey the signs saying no parking because parked cars will prevent work taking place until the owner is traced and the vehicle moved.