Day 11 of Lockdown – The Sunshine Edition

Day 11 of Lockdown

On Day 11 of lockdown, we think about the 2 nurses, both mothers of 3, who died today.  Being on the front line, along with many in often-considered lowly jobs (posties, shop workers, dustmen etc…), we rightly thanked them last night at 8 pm and it was good to hear more noise this week than last!

So, some important, and one less so, items to discuss:


The lockdown is intended to help reduce the number of cases the NHS are asked to deal with.  By staying in we Continue reading “Day 11 of Lockdown – The Sunshine Edition”

The Greatest Showman – The Impossible Becomes True

The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman

The West Bergholt Film Club is showing  The Greatest Showman on Saturday 14th December – great performance, great music.  Be there, at the Orpen Hall, doors open at 5 pm for showtime at 5:30 pm.

Tickets are £5 adults/£3 children and they are now available in advance from Scissorhands.  Hot dogs will be available for £1.  All proceeds go towards the new playground.

The film is rated PG due to some mild levels of violence and social drinking & smoking throughout;  children should be accompanied by an adult.    Enjoy the trailer and synopsis of the show below.

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Yesterday – Beatles Inspired Movie Night

Yesterday poster

West Bergholt Film Club Movie NightYesterday

Yesterday, the latest Film Club event on 23rd November, tells the story of a struggling musician realizing he’s the only person on Earth who can remember The Beatles after waking up in an alternate timeline where they never existed.  Directed by Danny Boyle and with screenwriter Richard Curtis this film seems too good to miss!  Enjoy the trailer & synopsis of the show below.

[Source: IMDB]

Taking place in the Orpen Hall, doors will open at 7 pm for showtime at 7:30 pm. Refreshments will be available.

Rating & Tickets

The film is rated 12A because of ‘mild’ use of sex and profanity,  Those aged 12 & over and under 16, should be accompanied by an adult.  Tickets are £5, available in advance from Continue reading “Yesterday – Beatles Inspired Movie Night”

St Mary’s Update – 5th September 2018

Harvest Festival

St Mary’s Update – 5th September 2018

St Mary’s Church update for 5th September provides listings of services and other events and news.  This update includes Colchester Chamber Choir performing at St Peter’s, Boxted, Messy Church, Harvest Festival, Home Groups and more.

Music at St Peter’s

This Saturday, 8th September, at 6:30 pm the Colchester Chamber Choir will be at St Peter’s, Boxted, in aid of the tower repair fund.  They will perform inspirational Continue reading “St Mary’s Update – 5th September 2018”

Annual Village Fete – would you like to be involved?

Fun at the 2016 fete
Zumba at the 2012 Jubilee Village Fete
Zumba at the 2012 Jubilee Village Fete

Annual Village Fete

After the success of the Queen’s Birthday Celebrations many people felt that it was time to resurrect the West Bergholt Annual Village Fete.  We can envisage an event taking place some time around the August Bank Holiday weekend, based in the Orpen Hall and on the Lorkin Daniell Field offering:

  • Stalls,
  • Games,
  • Veg/Flower Shows,
  • Competitions,
  • Music,
  • Food,
  • Your idea here?

Would you like to be involved in organising an Annual West Bergholt Fete?

Do you have ideas about what the Fete could consist of?

Do you know someone else who might?

Then come along to the first Village Fete Working Party meeting on Monday 14th November at 7.30pm in the John Lampon Hall, Lexden Road.

Anyone welcome! All ideas appreciated!

This will not be in competition with the School’s Summer Fayre, the PTA are keen to be involved, as they were for the QEII 90th Celebrations.

For any information, please contact Laura Walkingshaw (Parish Clerk) on 01206 240772

Premises & Recreation – 1st February 2016

The Premises & Recreation Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 1st February when, among other items, they discussed Orpen Hall, Health & Safety, budget, storage, football clubs, licences and toilets.

Premises & Recreation Minutes

Sub-committee meeting held on Monday 1st February 2016 in the John Lampon Hall

Councillors present Brian Butcher (Chair), Murray Harlow (Vice chair), Jenny Church, Rosemary James, Bob Tyrrell.
Apologies Harry Stone

Also in attendance Victoria Beckwith-Cole (Hall Administrator)


Matters from Last Meeting

2.1 Orpen Hall Signage
Work in progress, will update at next meeting. BT
2.2 Health and Safety Questionnaire
This has now been completed with the exception of obtaining a copy of the Asbestos Report – Parish Clerk to look further and to contact previous Parish Clerk to where the Report maybe located. LW
BB/VBC will organise unannounced fire drills throughout the year. BB/VBC
BB asked about fire extinguisher training – VBC confirmed that she has undertaken this in another employment. As Bluebells are the main users of the Hall – VBC to ask if their staff know how to use extinguishers. VBC
At this point reference was made to the chair clips (Panto Orpen Players) – that they were not functioning properly – VBC pointed out the correct positioning of the clips and confirmed that she will meet with the Orpen Players Friday night to show the Front of House the correct way positioning them.  We discussed the Orpen Players smoking, “instructing” Zoe etc, and agreed we would meet them to discuss. VBC


Clerks & Administrator’s Report

3.1 Bar Licence and Dance/Music Licence – LW has sent off PPL and PRS paperwork.  Bar Licence: LW to check with Social Club. LW
3.2 Additional Bin Hire – This will only need to be considered when the CSH implement their “weighing payment” method. However, currently it will work out cheaper to have a 360l wheelie bin for glass and cans. LW
3.3 JL Hall Toilet/Boiler – VBC updated that the plumber had to come out and deal with a leak in one of the toilets (replacement ball valve) and a leak on the boiler.
3.4 Job Role of Hall Admin – H&S – VBC reported that all points are covered within her role at present apart from “ensuring a fire risk assessment is maintained”. VBC to implement this. VBC
3.5 Draft T&C for one-off hirers – in progress will update at next meeting. VBC
3.6 West Bergholt Website – has been updated with up to date information especially with making contact details more prominent – will be checked periodically.



No further comments – this item can now be taken off the Agenda.


West Bergholt Football Club – grass cutting Lorkin Daniell Field

Signed off – this item can now be taken off the Agenda


Bergholt Heath Youth Football Club – Saturday morning training proposal

Prior to meeting CS sent the Committee correspondence regarding this.  The Committee were to talk through the “Action Points” – As the first point was of utmost importance, this was discussed and agreed in principal that BHYFC could use the Orpen Hall disabled toilet – this was on the proviso that they agreed and signed the T&C which VBC will draft and send to BB for approval. VBC
The other action points will be followed up as and when necessary. ALL


Refurbishment of Orpen Hall Toilets

A discussion ensued about the layout whether to draw up as per plans or to refurbish what we have. It was agreed to go with existing plans but with option that “cosmetic changes” be made once tendered. Bluebells would like to have at least one lower basin for handwashing but its need was not agreed. BB has been in dialogue with three designers and is nearing obtaining quotes for this work. BB


Storage Units

Measurements of the storage units have been done and concluded that there is not enough storage.  Various options to increase storage in the future were proposed, when funding is available. One being building another garage onto the existing two garages towards the football club.  Two, where the CSH bin is located to have a unit to house the rubbish, salt, equipment needed for the handyman, etc.  MH suggested racking out the current garages to optimise the space would help.  MH to speak with the Orpen Players, BYG and Bluebells who currently rent them and come up with drawings and costings for next meeting for the Committee to consider. MH


Terms of Reference

BB forwarded to CS – this item can now be taken of the Agenda.


Budget for next year

2016/2017 fees were approved at the Parish Council meeting. VBC to advise regular hirers of increases. VBC



BB listed out various light bulbs not working and VBC will get these replaced VBC


Date of next meeting

7th March 2016 – 7.30pm John Lampon Hall

(Brian Butcher offered apologies in advance)