The 2019 Village Fete Invites You To Enjoy Yourself

There will be Tug of War at the 2019 Village FeteThe 2019 Village Fete

The 2019 Village Fete promises something for everybody – not just those visiting it.  First of all, are you into Tug-of-War, performing in public or do you run a local club or organisation?  If so you are invited to come along as well. (Get the latest information & downloads here).

Call for Tug of War Teams

Would your pub, club or firm like to enter the Village Fete’s Tug of War competition?  Sign up (your team of 6 – over 18s only we’re afraid) Continue reading “The 2019 Village Fete Invites You To Enjoy Yourself”

Want to show your garden on TV?

Ooutline TV Productions - Gardens Programme

How does your garden grow?

Outline Productions are a TV Production company and the makers of BBC2’s ‘The Great British Garden Revival’ and are currently making a brand new prime-time TV series which explores Britain’s beautiful private gardens.

Are you a passionate gardener, is your garden your pride & joy, do you want to prove you’ve got the best garden in town?

Well, Outline are casting for people who would like to showcase their stunning, imaginative or unique gardens to the nation, no matter what style, shape or size. Does your garden represent peace and tranquility? Is your garden fit for entertaining? Are you the proud owner of a National Collection? Perhaps it’s a tropical paradise or has an impressive prize winning fruit and veg patch? Outline are looking for people to apply and go head to head in a competition with other garden lovers to compare and critique who has the best garden / gardening skills and hospitality in town.

Outline would like to come to Essex for the first episode and have been identifying highly regarded and pretty villages in the county. They believe our community could be home to keen gardeners with fantastic gardens and are inviting anybody interested to contact them either by:

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