St Mary’s Jubilee Songs Edition

Christian Aid
Join us this Christian Aid Week, and help turn hunger into hope.

This edition of St Mary’s News starts with Christian Aid Coffee Morning, announces Jubilee Songs of Praise at the Old Church, updates on Church Heating and Hall and other events and the usual listings of services and contacts.

Christian Aid Coffee Morning and Plant Sale

Coffee & cake

Please pop along to the Rectory on Monday 16th May, between 10 am – 12 pm, at 1 Church Close, West Bergholt for tea/coffee and cake and lots of fun and fellowship whilst raising money for Christian Aid. This is an event for all the six parishes and all are very welcome!

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Green Homes Grant – Are You Eligible?

CBC Offers Green Homes Grants

Green Homes Grants flyer

Parish Councillors have had early notice of Green Homes Grants. This comes as they are taking part in an Essex-wide series of workshops to understand how communities can come together to assist with climate change and carbon reduction initiatives.

Warmworks are managing the project; their role is to check resident eligibility & guide applicants through the process. They will also arrange for installers to deliver the works and inspect them afterwards.  The scheme is open until the end of March 2022.

Who Can Benefit?

Up to £10,000 is available for those who own their property. Up to £5,000 is available for renters when the landlord pays a minimum of one-third of the cost. The grants are available to those who:

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Heating Oil Club

Delivery of Heating OilPeople who rely on oil for heating their homes are over a barrel (as it were) when it comes to negotiating terms with oil suppliers. The Parish Council has received an invitation for villagers to join an oil club.

The OIL CLUB is an independent organisation and has no links to any of the suppliers. The club’s aim is simple to reduce the cost of heating oil for members and reduce the environmental impact as much as possible. By grouping deliveries to a village area and the bulk buying ability of the OIL CLUB, they are able to negotiate the best purchase price for heating oil and pass this on to their members. The club works best with as many members as possible.

The aim is that a village will have only one oil tanker delivery to a number of homes on the same day rather than many deliveries to individual households on different days.

The OIL CLUB has launched a club for West Bergholt. If you would like to join or find out more about the club, you can visit the website:

The benefits are:

  • Reduced oil heating costs,
  • Reduced heavy vehicle traffic in the village,
  • Reduced carbon exhaust into the environment.

This news item extracted from the latest issue of Local News – see that and more archive news reports online.

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