Fundraiser for Year 6 Leavers & Other News

We’ll start with the fundraiser but other stories include:

Year 6 Leavers Fundraiser

Kelly's HIIT Year 6 Fundraiser

Help raise money to give Heathlands’ Year 6 leavers a good send-off this year.  Kelly, who runs regular High-Intensity Interval Training classes in the village, is running a special Zoom fundraising session on Monday 7th June at 7:30 pm.  Kelly describes her HIIT sessions as:

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Heathlands Calls for Your Help

Your Help is Needed to Raise Funds

Like most schools today, fundraising is essential to Heathlands. Whilst they have done well despite COVID-19 (see their end-of-year update), the PTA needs your help once again and it couldn’t be at a more convenient time.

Perfect Time for a Clear Out

As we are easing out of Lockdown the time is perfect for you to be checking your wardrobe to make sure you are ready to be set free. Heathlands PTA have arranged for a Bag2School collection on Thursday 13th May. So, with rain forecast this weekend, why not get out your plastic sacks and fill them with:

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Bag2School, Honours for Heroes & Mental Health

Bag2School, Honours for Heroes & Mental Health

Three quick updates on the above subjects, first of all links to the Awards & Mental Health items if you want to skip bag2school:

Bag2School Collection

Heathlands is participating in the Bag2School scheme as part of their fundraising campaign.  Bag2School is Continue reading “Bag2School, Honours for Heroes & Mental Health”

St Mary’s Spring 2018 Good News Update

St Mary’s Spring 2018 Good News Update

This Easter 2018 edition of Good News, St Mary’s Parish Magazine, is reproduced below (together with additional material from various notices), use the links to the stories & news items.

Some Thoughts from Jo Jeffery, our new Families’ Worker

I have been invited to reflect on my favourite Bible passage for the magazine, but I would like to be greedy and reflect on 2! These have been of great importance to me for several years. Continue reading “St Mary’s Spring 2018 Good News Update”

Fireworks Plea from Heathlands – Bacon Roll & Tea

Heathlands Fireworks 2016

Heathlands Fireworks 2016Fireworks Plea from Heathlands

This Saturday, 4th November, sees the 25th Annual Fireworks Display on the Poors Field.  An extremely popular event this is organised every year to raise funds for Heathlands PTA with a massive £9,000 profit being made last year.  However, one consequence of this success is large crowds and an equally large amount of Continue reading “Fireworks Plea from Heathlands – Bacon Roll & Tea”

25 Years of Heathlands Fireworks

celebrating 25 years!25 Years of Heathlands Fireworks

Once again Heathlands Primary will be hosting their ever popular Firework Display.  This time, it’s a special anniversary as well since it is 25 years since their first display!

Taking place on Saturday 4th November the gate opens at 5pm.  Tickets on the night (if left) will cost £8 for adults and £5 for children.  Advance purchase is possible from Monday 9th October at discounted prices of Continue reading “25 Years of Heathlands Fireworks”

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