Do you want to be heard & other news

Do you want to be heard?

If you think that your views are not being heard then read on. Other news also about:

Attributes of a good Parish Councillor
What makes a good councillor?

So, do you have strong views on what’s wrong with the village or feel that you are not being heard?  Do you think the Parish Council could…

  • take more account of views like yours?  
  • do more about climate change?
  • address the needs of your ‘demographic’ (race, age, gender etc…)?
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Influence & Inform – Village Meeting 23rd March 2016

West Bergholt PC's Annual Report 2014

West Bergholt village signThe Annual Parish Meeting on 23rd March 2016 is for all local residents to hear what is happening and, by raising issues and asking questions, to put their mark on the village’s future.

Formal Agenda for Annual Village Meeting on 23rd March 2016

Dear Resident,

You are invited to attend West Bergholt’s Annual Village Meeting, which will be held in the Orpen Hall (main hall) at 7.30pm on Wednesday 23rd March 2016.

Chris Stephenson
Chair – West Bergholt Parish Council


  1. Welcome and Introduction from the Chairman — Chris Stevenson.
  2. Heathlands School Council.
  3. Parish Safety Volunteers – Essex County Fire & Rescue Service.
  4. Presentation.
  5. Issues from the Floor.

 What You Say Matters – Make your point and ask questions.

Refreshments will be available.