Day 107 since Lockdown – the ‘Free Bus Travel’ edition

On the buses

On the busesDay 107 since Lockdown

On day 107 we see Essex opening a free bus travel scheme.  In other news we have:

Stop. Swap. Go!Stop. Swap. GO! campaign launched

A new sustainable travel campaign aiming to make it easier for people in Essex to switch from cars to sustainable travel, such as walking, cycling and using the bus, is launched today. Continue reading “Day 107 since Lockdown – the ‘Free Bus Travel’ edition”

Day 70 of (surreally) Lockdown – the De-Lockdown edition

Older People Active at Home

Day 70 of (surreally) Lockdown

So, is this day 70 of Lockdown or is it day 1 of De-Lockdown?  Heathlands School saw around 70 children attending today so, for them, it is pretty much over until the Summer Holidays in just over 7 weeks.  Other news:

Older People Active at HomeOlder Adults Keeping Active

Sport England have published Active at Home, co-funded by them & PHE.  It aims to help older adults keep up their activity levels while isolating Continue reading “Day 70 of (surreally) Lockdown – the De-Lockdown edition”

Day 51 of Lockdown – the Monty Python edition

Day 51 and Monty Python

Monty Python kicks us off on day 51.  I’m afraid this video reminded me a little of some of the daily briefings we are getting.

Today sees the first day of softening in England, how was it for you?  We start with a few government updates – quite a lot came out today; those included here are most relevant to members of the public.

More Government Guidance

Some more guidance updates to ease our way into the common-sense world of soft lockdown, apologies if some of these appear repetitive or, at least, covering the same ground: Continue reading “Day 51 of Lockdown – the Monty Python edition”

Day 32 of Lockdown – the Co-op Dancers edition

Co-op DancersDay 32 of Lockdown

Day 32 sees another slew of updates from Borough & County Councils, some anti-fraud stuff, the Tik-Tok videos of the Co-op dancers stitched together into one and a musical interlude.

But first, let’s enjoy the Co-op Dancers:

Dancing for West Bergholt

What better way to spend your evening after a hard day’s work than spending 45 minutes rehearsing some dance moves.  Well, that’s what Continue reading “Day 32 of Lockdown – the Co-op Dancers edition”

Day 14 of Lockdown – The “I gotta wash my hands” Edition

Day 14 of Lockdown

Day 14 brings 3 snippets of news and a musical interlude to round it off.  Two come from Essex County Council, one for small businesses, the other welfare-related.  The final one is from Essex Police for all of us.

Essex COVID-19 Business Support Service

ECC Support for BusinessECC has put a dedicated team in place to support businesses through Continue reading “Day 14 of Lockdown – The “I gotta wash my hands” Edition”

Day 2 of Lockdown – Recycling Edition

Day 2 - focus on social distancingDay 2 of Lockdown

So Day 2 of the COVID-19 lockdown and hopefully everybody is getting into the swing of things.  It helps that the skies are blue especially if you are able to get outside for your daily exercise.  Odd not to see vapour trails in the sky but that is probably good for the environment.  So, on to news updates:

Continue reading “Day 2 of Lockdown – Recycling Edition”

Vishing Fraud Alert

Fraud Alert from Serious Crime DirectorateVishing Fraud Alert

Please be aware of recent fraud activity that is targeting businesses within our Region.

The Fraud

Fraudsters are ringing up company wage clerks/finance directors claiming to be from Barclay’s Fraud department and gaining permission to remotely access the victim’s computer system.  This is on the pretence that their business account has been compromised.

The victim opens up the bank account, the fraudster then transfers the money into what they state will be the company’s new, none compromised account.  The funds are then automatically distributed in seconds.

Total regional losses have exceeded £1 million.

Protect your company

  • Do not be afraid to end cold calls.
  • Do not to assume a caller is genuine just because they hold some information about you. Criminals may already have got hold of some basic information about a potential victim, such as a name, address and account details to try to make the call appear legitimate.
  • If in any doubt hang up and call the bank yourself on numbers you know are genuine, however be sure to hang the phone up long enough to prevent the fraudster holding the line open.
  • NEVER call the bank back on the number the caller provides you.
  • The Bank will never call and ask for remote access to your computers or for passwords to access your accounts.

If you are a victim of “Vishing” call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or use our online tool to report the fraud and receive a police crime reference number.

DI 3159 Lee Morton

Serious Economic Crime Unit