e-Scooters Coming to Colchester (& other news)

Lady & man on e-scooters

Lady & man on e-scooterse-Scooters, Befriending, Wellbeing, Fitness & Chitts Hill

e-Scooters will kick off this update but we also have updates on:

e-Scooters Trial Starting Soon

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Lockdown 3 – Week 1 Update – COVID-19 & Roadworks

National Lockdown Guidelines

National Lockdown GuidelinesCOVID-19 & Roadworks

A number of COVID-centric updates as well as two lots of Roadworks:

Latest Colchester Information Pack Launched

Hot on the heels of version 14 (which didn’t even get as far as this website), the National Lockdown has seen Colchester issue version 15 which includes the following topics: Continue reading “Lockdown 3 – Week 1 Update – COVID-19 & Roadworks”

Cakes, History, Remembrance & Fitness

Remembrance pebbles

Remembrance pebblesCakes, History, Remembrance, Fitness & St Mary’s Update – Updated for Lockdown

This news update covers several topics, starting with Cakes, History & Xmas, then covering:

First let’s find out what Cakes, History & Xmas have in common:

Cards, Cakes, History & Xmas – what’s not to like?

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Day 98 of (new balls) Lockdown – the ‘wot, no Wimbledon’ edition

Keeping fit

Anyone for tennisDay 98 of (new balls) Lockdown

On Day 98 of lockdown Wimbledon doesn’t start, yet another sporting casualty of the pandemic.    A few topics today, most addressing your mental or physical fitness:

Museum from Home

We’ve reported on Colchester Museums’ Museum from Home initiative before but they keep coming up with new activities so it is worth a reminder.  Some of the newer ideas are: Continue reading “Day 98 of (new balls) Lockdown – the ‘wot, no Wimbledon’ edition”

Day 70 of (surreally) Lockdown – the De-Lockdown edition

Older People Active at Home

Day 70 of (surreally) Lockdown

So, is this day 70 of Lockdown or is it day 1 of De-Lockdown?  Heathlands School saw around 70 children attending today so, for them, it is pretty much over until the Summer Holidays in just over 7 weeks.  Other news:

Older People Active at HomeOlder Adults Keeping Active

Sport England have published Active at Home, co-funded by them & PHE.  It aims to help older adults keep up their activity levels while isolating Continue reading “Day 70 of (surreally) Lockdown – the De-Lockdown edition”

Day 67 of (un?) Lockdown – the Heatwave edition

Heatwave joke

Heatwave mapDay 67 of (un?) Lockdown

Day 67, several weeks into unprecedented weather and virus, HMG has issued a raft of information to prepare for a heatwave.  Some of the key elements of this are summarised below with a link to the full advice.  Other topics are:


Heat Exhaustion vs Heat Stroke
For heat exhaustion, cooling the patient will normally resolve, if not call 111. For heatstroke, you should call 999 and start cooling the patient.

As part of its’ daily advice output, our government have today issued quite a lot about risks of heatwaves. Continue reading “Day 67 of (un?) Lockdown – the Heatwave edition”

Day 64 of (un?) Lockdown – the Spare Plants edition

Allotments Surplus

Allotments SurplusDay 64 of (un?) Lockdown

Day 64 seems to be full of controversy but not much news.  Here is what little we have, news relating to the allotments first and then a couple of health-related items from ECC.  As ever, some light relief at the end.

Spare Plants & Produce

Whilst COVID-19 has prevented the Allotments’ Charity Stall opening it is still possible to obtain surplus produce & plants.  A neighbour of the allotments on New Church Road is happy for their driveway to be used for plot holders to deposit their surplus and for villagers to take what they need. Continue reading “Day 64 of (un?) Lockdown – the Spare Plants edition”

Day 31 of Lockdown – the Baked Potato edition

Thank You Baked PotatoDay 31 of Lockdown

Day 31 sees a couple of serious announcements, two new or updated initiatives for things to do during the lockdown and a Matt Lucas special.

More PPE Needed!

Essex companies have donated unopened and unwanted stocks of Personal Protective Equipment.  This PPE will support those working in adult and children social care across Essex.  While Continue reading “Day 31 of Lockdown – the Baked Potato edition”