St Mary’s New Year Resolutions Edition

Revd Heather Wilcox starts by discussing New Year Resolutions; there is also an appreciation of Jo Jeffery and thank you for Advent Windows. It also, of course, has the usual listings of services and contacts.

New Year Message from Revd Heather Wilcox

New Year resolutions, I suspect that at some point in our lives, we have all made them.

As a new year dawns, we wake up determined that somehow this year we will make better choices. Maybe we want to lose weight or exercise more, learn a new hobby, or find ways of connecting with our friends more effectively throughout the year and not just with the annual Christmas card and round robin letter.

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St Mary’s New Year 2021 Update

St Mary’s New Year 2021 Update

St Mary the Virgin New Church

This New Year update starts with a Farewell Message from Rev. Mandy and includes:

… and the usual listings of services and contacts but first:

Rev. Mandy’s Farewell Message

Rev. Mandy Elmes new year farewell

Dear Friends

I neither anticipated nor expected to be writing to you at this time, but, because of Paul’s accident, and the consequences of it, the 27th December 2020, was, sadly, my last working Sunday.

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