JUMBO Update and the Impact of the Daniell Family

Daniell Family – Next Topic

Daniell & Sons Brewery beer label

The next Local History Group meeting will learn about the impact of the Daniell Family on West Bergholt’s development. Peter Noakes will lead this meeting which will take place on February 9th starting at 7:30 pm. As ever, all are welcome for a modest charge of £2 for members and £5 for visitors. The JUMBO meeting report is below.

January Cancellation

On January 12th, the Group were planning to invite members and visitors to investigate their village archive. Because of the current COVID-19 situation they have decided to CANCEL this meeting. Instead, they hope to be able to spend some time after their AGM in March discussing the archive.  In lieu of this meeting, they plan to add an extra outside visit in their Summer Schedule.

November JUMBO Update

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Friends Group Pay Respects at Daniell & Sons Memorial

Daniell & Sons Memorial

Friends Group Pay Respects at Daniell & Sons WW1 Memorial

Lacking a village war memorial, some years ago The Local History Group compiled a list of those who died in WW1; the Friends of St Mary’s had this list copied by a Calligrapher and placed in the Old Church.  It has become the Friends’ custom in recent years to gather in the Old Church to remember these fallen from the village; the bell would be rung and, Continue reading “Friends Group Pay Respects at Daniell & Sons Memorial”