Day 56 of (is it?) Lockdown – the Mental Health edition

Social Distancing for kids China-style

Kindness mattersDay 56 of (is it?) Lockdown

If you’re feeling mentally frayed these days, day 56 sees the start of Mental Health Awareness Week.  We start with that and then address:

Mental Health Awareness Week

The theme this year is all about “Kindness Matters”, something we are already seeing a lot of during the COVID-19 crisis. Continue reading “Day 56 of (is it?) Lockdown – the Mental Health edition”

Day 50 of Lockdown – the Florence Nightingale edition

International Nurses Day - Florence NightingaleDay 50 of Lockdown

Day 50 of lockdown is the last day of the soft lockdown as we look forward to tomorrow’s slightly softer version.  Topics today include:

International Nurses Day

Today is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale.  Continue reading “Day 50 of Lockdown – the Florence Nightingale edition”

Day 16 of Lockdown – “There’s a Lot Going On” Edition

Day 16 of Lockdown

Day 16 of Lockdown and there’s definitely a lot going on.   We have updates from the ECC, CBC, Essex Police and more.  Let’s get started:

Residents urged to heed advice and stay at home as weather is set to improve

With the weather expected to turn increasingly Spring-like over the weekend, residents are being reminded to follow advice to stay at home, protect lives and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Continue reading “Day 16 of Lockdown – “There’s a Lot Going On” Edition”

Keeping Up To Date on COVID-19

Keeping Up To Date on COVID-19

If you want to keep up to date on COVID-19 with a local slant then it is worth tracking Essex County Council’s information page.  ECC update this daily with news specific to Essex but it also gives highlights of recent national government announcements.  Some of the biggest items addressed most recently are:

Appeal from Council Leader and Director of Public Health

Cllr David Finch and Dr Mike Gogarty express their dismay about the Continue reading “Keeping Up To Date on COVID-19”