Do you want to be heard & other news

Do you want to be heard?

If you think that your views are not being heard then read on. Other news also about:

Attributes of a good Parish Councillor
What makes a good councillor?

So, do you have strong views on what’s wrong with the village or feel that you are not being heard?  Do you think the Parish Council could…

  • take more account of views like yours?  
  • do more about climate change?
  • address the needs of your ‘demographic’ (race, age, gender etc…)?
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New Parish Councillor – Joel Fayers

Joel Fayers

Meet Joel Fayers – New Parish Councillor

The Parish Council co-opted Joel as a councillor in July 2021 & he has joined the Planning Committee. He has lived in West Bergholt with his wife and son since 2017.

He is a Director and Partner of a PR and consultation agency which specialises in the built environment.  Prior to working in this sector, he spent several years working in Parliament in Westminster and similar work with District Councils.

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Interested in Becoming a Parish Councillor?

Parish Councillor Vacancy

Following the public notice published by Colchester Borough Council, no election to fill this vacancy has been requested by the electors within this parish.  Therefore, the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by the process of co-option.

If you are interested in being co-opted as a Parish Councillor, then we would like to hear from you, please contact the Chairman or Clerk for further details. Familiarisation sessions will be arranged, and should there be more than one person interested, selection would be made by a vote of the Parish Council as required by the regulations.

  • The Parish Clerk on 01206 240772, [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”], or
  • The Chairman of West Bergholt Parish Council, Chris Stevenson, [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”].