e-Scooters Coming to Colchester (& other news)

Lady & man on e-scooters

Lady & man on e-scooterse-Scooters, Befriending, Wellbeing, Fitness & Chitts Hill

e-Scooters will kick off this update but we also have updates on:

e-Scooters Trial Starting Soon

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Chitts Hill Closure for Track Geometry

Chitts Hill closure due to track geometry works Oct 2019

Chitts Hill closure due to track geometry works Oct 2019Chitts Hill Closure for Track Geometry

Network Rail will be undertaking Track Geometry works starting tonight and then again on Wednesday night (30th).  Unusually, specific times are not given although they often start from 11 pm.

The closure is for safety reasons although access will be maintained for emergency services and pedestrians.

The alternative route is via Argents Lane, Spring Lane, Halstead Road, Halstead Road Roundabout, Chitts Hill and vice versa.

Other Roadworks

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More Roadworks – 17th – 19th December

Roadworks 17th - 19th December

Roadworks 17th - 19th DecemberMore Roadworks – 17th – 19th December

To compound the current closure of Chapel Lane to through traffic, 17th – 19th December sees more disruption.  Anglian Water will be undertaking Valve Checks which will entail multi-way traffic controls at the junction of New Church Road and Chapel Road.  Anglian Water will also be working in Pirie Road over those days although traffic disruption is not expected.

And in the New Year…

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Chitts Hill Overnight Closure 3rd December

chitts-hill-crossing-closure-03dec16Chitts Hill Overnight Closure 3rd December

There will be a closure of Chitts Hill Level Crossing to traffic between 23:45 and 07:00 on the night of 3rd December.  This is to enable Network Rail to undertake urgent track consolidation through the crossing.  Network Rail will maintain emergency & pedestrian access at all times.

The alternative route will be via Chitts Hill, Argents Lane, Spring Lane, Halstead Road, Chitts Hill and vice versa.

Environment & Highways – 11th February 2016

The Environment & Highways  Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 11th February 2016 and discussed a range of issues including litter & rubbish, hedge cutting, considerate parking, traffic safety, handymen, gardening equipment etc…

Environment & Highways Report

Sub-committee Meeting held on Thursday 11th February 2016 in Main Hall

Sub-committee members presentJohn Gili Ross, Harry Stone, Jenny Church, Murray Harlow, Rosemary James, Phil Spencer, David Short



Clerks Report

a)   Upturned soil left in wake of new water pipe across Heath to school. Concerns about sinkage. Following a letter from Chris to Atkins Global he was informed it was Anglian Water who did not fill the hole. He has sent them an email. We are awaiting a reply from them.LW
b)   Armoury Road – clearing of rubbish etc has been completed here.
c)    Hedge cutting at Chapel Road substation has been carried out. The cutting back required for laurel hedging along Colchester Road opposite village sign and roundabout is awaited. Laura will monitor this situation.LW
d)   A litter pick was carried out as “litter Warriors”, organised by Laura, on 6th February. Not many volunteers but a deal of litter was cleared. Other areas identified as a problem. The next date for “Litter Warriors” is on Saturday 5th March- volunteers required.LW
e)   Queen’s Road pond – litter here needs clearing. The Duck house has moved from its mooring and will need attention in the future. Also area around bus stop by Methodist Church needs to be kept under observation.
f)     Overgrown hedges on Chitts Hill have been cut back by landowner. Litter picking here is required. Handyman could do this.JGR & DH
g)    Land off Armoury Road, back of the Maltings, has been cleared by agents of the land and much litter was left behind. Laura contacted the agents and is awaiting to hear if this has been cleared.LW


Matters arising from last minutes

a)   Considerate Parking Scheme – Harry, John and Rosemary observed the parking situation round the school last Wednesday and made a list of 12 offenders for inconsiderate (illegal) parking. We hope this is having an effect and will repeat the exercise after half term.HS
b)   Traffic Safety Plan – awaiting 20mph signs.HS
c)    Plinth for Beacon – to be installed when weather permits.IB
d)   Lower end of Lorkin Daniell has been cleared of shrubbery – 2 Trees still require attention.
e)   Wheelie bin – to contact Marcus re progressMH, JC



Report from Harry – invoices for rents to be sent out to plot holders.


Handyman work

David has been carrying out general work schedule. Will clear Chitts Hill area.

Footway along Colchester Road near car sales site needs attention.

Interviews have been carried out for second handyman. Selection process completed. Laura to deal with paperwork required for successful candidate.


Storage of gardening equipment

John will discuss with Planning Committee the possibility of putting up a storage facility near the entrance to Orpen Hall.JGR


Purchase of vehicle

The purchase of a vehicle has been completed. The MOT will be due in July this year. A policy needs to be written for information for all usersJGR



a)   Repair of lawnmower is needed. Proposed cost is £180. This is an essential piece of equipment. Members of this sub-committee agreed the expense.JGR
b)   Purchase of a ride-on mower to be considered in the future
c)    Fallen Tree lying over Hall Road pond needs attention. John to discuss with Handyman.JGR
d)   Queen’s Birthday – plan to use beacon again – will need moving to LD field. Laura to register the beacon.
Possibility of a firework display.

Date of next meeting – Thursday 10th March 2016 at 5pm in JL Hall.

Chitts Hill – Emergency Closure

Essex Council have announced the emergency closure of Chitts Hill for approximately 100m either side of the level crossing in order to repair faulty high voltage cables. Works are expected to last up to 4 days and so the road may not be reopened until Tuesday/Wednesday 23rd/24th November. The picture shows the location of closure and alternative route via Eight Ash Green (click for larger picture).

Advance notice closures are normally announced on the village website at http://www.westbergholt.net/road_closures.htm

This material has been developed for the West Bergholt Village Website at http://www.westbergholt.net