Day 81 of (easing) Lockdown – the ‘Wot, no kick-off?’ edition

EURO 2020 logo

EURO 2020 logoDay 81 of (easing) Lockdown – the ‘Wot, no kick-off?’ edition

Day 81 is when we should have been gathering around TVs seeing the EURO 2020 kicking off – hey ho.  Instead, we can:

St Mary’s Church

St Mary’s is pleased to announce that they will be reopening, Continue reading “Day 81 of (easing) Lockdown – the ‘Wot, no kick-off?’ edition”

Oil-fired heating? Advice from CBC…

Heating oil tankThe MUST knows about caring for your oil tank

If you have a domestic oil storage tank it’s your responsibility to keep it safe. Oil leaks can cause damage to property and the environment. Prolonged exposure to vapours could cause harm to health. It could cost you thousands of pounds and take months or years to clean up an oil spillage and there is a risk of prosecutions and fines. So, why take the risk? To prevent problems from occurring make sure your whole system is regularly checked and serviced by professionally qualified engineers.

Top tips:

Check your tank – regularly

Are there any visible leaks or stains?  Are there any cracks or damage to the tank, pipes, sight gauges or the support system?  Is your tank old or in poor condition?  If any of these apply, get advice from a qualified and experienced engineer as soon as possible.  If a repair or replacement is required, do not attempt to do this yourself.

Give it room

Make sure your oil storage tank has space and cut back any plants which are growing near or over the tank, as they could damage it.

Be safe

Make sure that any deliveries of oil can be made safely and supervise them whenever possible. Do what you can to prevent vandalism or theft, but do not make any changes that would affect how your system works.

Be prepared

Check your insurance cover! Some policies will only cover you for the cost of replacing lost oil, not for any clean up.  Most companies will not cover you at all if a leak is caused by lack of maintenance.

Know what to do in an emergency. Don’t wait for a problem to occur! Read advice on our web page as mentioned below.

Keep a copy of emergency telephone numbers handy – or obtain a sticker for your tank from the Environment Agency by calling 03708 506 506.

In the event of a leak

Contact your insurance company immediately if a spill does occur. If your insurance policy does not cover you, you will need to employ your own accredited spill company.

How Colchester Borough Council can help

Get advice and read the Essex Contaminated Land Consortium’s Domestic Heating Oil Care Guide at

We cannot clean up any oil that is spilt, or undertake any repairs for you but we may be able to help you find someone to clean up the oil to the correct standards.

Be heard – Colchester services survey

CBC Survey – Sample page

Colchester Borough Council has launched a Customer Service Survey to understand why residents access Council Services in the way that they do. From 11th July the Council begun to gather customer feedback to ensure it is providing the right services at the right location. Customers visiting the Customer Service Centre, High Street will be asked to take the opportunity to have their say, by participating in the survey and shaping the future delivery of Council services. The Customer Service Survey asks:

  • Why customers prefer to visit the CBC offices rather than use the phone or email and
  • Where they have travelled from and what mode of travel they use when they come into town to visit CBC.
  • Whether they would prefer to access Council Services within their local community from locations such as library or Parish Council premises.

Cllr Beverley Oxford, Portfolio Holder for Customers, said: “The Council is committed to providing excellent customer service to residents and the business community, and wants to future proof its services so that we can ensure we are providing customer service in a format and location that meets our customers changing needs. “Residents’ views are very important in helping us to shape the future of Council services. Complete our customer survey and communicate your priorities and needs to the Council.”

Customers can also complete the survey online at until 2 September 2011. Following the 2 September we will collate and consider responses as part of the first stage of the Council’s customer services consultation.

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