Day 64 of (un?) Lockdown – the Spare Plants edition

Allotments Surplus

Allotments SurplusDay 64 of (un?) Lockdown

Day 64 seems to be full of controversy but not much news.  Here is what little we have, news relating to the allotments first and then a couple of health-related items from ECC.  As ever, some light relief at the end.

Spare Plants & Produce

Whilst COVID-19 has prevented the Allotments’ Charity Stall opening it is still possible to obtain surplus produce & plants.  A neighbour of the allotments on New Church Road is happy for their driveway to be used for plot holders to deposit their surplus and for villagers to take what they need. Continue reading “Day 64 of (un?) Lockdown – the Spare Plants edition”

Day 63 of (un?) Lockdown – the Old Church edition

Old Church circa 1880

Tower of JewelsDay 63 of (un?) Lockdown

The main news item for day 63 is an update on the Old Church renovations followed by a few updates from our government, and some fun at the end.  But first, we have a tall story from Annie Neish.

For those of you who are unable to cruise the village she thought you would like to see the Echium Pininana Tower of Jewels flowering beside the fence of the allotment on New Church Road.  Several years ago John had one on the plot next to her so she knew it might be possible.

A quick search on Wikipedia reveals this plant is native to La Palma in the Canaries where it is endangered due to habitat loss (Laurel forests).  Fortunately, it is being cultivated quite widely in the British Isles and Northern California so should have some resilience.

St Mary’s Old Church

Agreement about the best way forward following the discovery of the wall paintings was reached just as the Coronavirus put us all into lockdown. The work can now continue. Continue reading “Day 63 of (un?) Lockdown – the Old Church edition”

Day 10 of Lockdown – The Police Edition

If the Last Supper was taking place this year

Day 10 of Lockdown

Our day 10 report starts with an update on NEEB’s appeal.  After that, we put together two reports found online yesterday.  Essex Police had noted there had been an uptick in cars on roads and Essex County Council (coincidentally?) gave advice on how to avoid car use.

On the subject of Essex Police, they paid a surprise visit to the allotments yesterday.   The last item is The Police offering advice about social distancing in a musical form.  🙂

Before we move on, a gentle reminder about NO BONFIRES please to protect kids with asthma; recycling collections will resume eventually so please hold your Green waste until then or use the CSH service for recyclables.  So, on to the NEEB update:

Planning Inspectorate Update

It seems that the Planning Inspectorates enquiry into the NEEB Holdings application has Continue reading “Day 10 of Lockdown – The Police Edition”

Day 2 of Lockdown – Recycling Edition

Day 2 - focus on social distancingDay 2 of Lockdown

So Day 2 of the COVID-19 lockdown and hopefully everybody is getting into the swing of things.  It helps that the skies are blue especially if you are able to get outside for your daily exercise.  Odd not to see vapour trails in the sky but that is probably good for the environment.  So, on to news updates:

Continue reading “Day 2 of Lockdown – Recycling Edition”

Day 1 of (Soft) Lockdown

Day 1 - Play Equipment ClosedDay 1 of (Soft) Lockdown

As you might imagine, as we sit here in our homes on Day 1 of a relatively soft lockdown, advice and news keep flowing.  This update summarises some of the most relevant:

  • Allotments remain open to plot-holders who can access them ‘for exercise purposes’ once a day.   Observe social distancing!
  • CBC has suspended Garden Waste collections, read more below.
  • Bonfire Warning, read below.
  • Parks closed and use of play equipment not permitted by Government Order.
  • Halls are also closed unless:
    • they are being used to host pre-schools being kept open for key workers, or
    • designated as emergency centres.
  • Charity Commission & Government advice on charity employees.
  • If you are an older person, living alone, and generally feeling the need for support then The Silverline is a useful resource.  The Silverline also offers advice on protecting yourself from COVID-19 and is open 24 x 7.
  • It has been agreed nationally that all VE Day celebration due to be held in May are to be postponed.  It is possible they will be held in August near VJ Day.
  • Concerts by Resonate Choir and Comrie Singers scheduled for Old Church in June are now highly unlikely to happen.

Continue reading “Day 1 of (Soft) Lockdown”

Allotments Spring Update – COVID-19

Allotments Spring Update

The following Spring Update has been issued by the Allotments Committee:

Hello Plot holders

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, we have had to make some important changes to the way we are running the allotments from now.  These changes we feel are important in safeguarding the well being of our plot holders and local residents during these difficult times.

Therefore, effective immediately the following Continue reading “Allotments Spring Update – COVID-19”