Day 35 of Lockdown – the Ukulele edition

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain in Lockdown

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain in LockdownDay 35 of Lockdown

No news over the weekend and precious little on day 35 but here it comes after an explainer; why is this the Ukulele edition?

Perhaps you, like me (webmaster), has had enough spare time to explore parts of the internet I had not seen before.   On one of my explorations, I came across the magnificently named Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.  I’ve embedded below a couple of their recent COVID-19 videos, if you explore their YouTube Channel you will find them as comically adept as they are musically.  If you found anything online others might be interested to hear about, share it in comments on Facebook.

Now to the pieces of news about the upcoming PC meeting and maintaining fitness during the lockdown. Continue reading “Day 35 of Lockdown – the Ukulele edition”