Return of the Village Quiz a Resounding Success

Success for The Invincibles at the Village Quiz

The Village Quiz Challenge Cup

Eleven teams vied for the Village Quiz Challenge Cup last week and raised £310 towards the cost of a new Friendly Bench from Plastecowood – that’s well over half way!

Quizmaster Mike Morrisey, with support from Anita & Pauline, delivered a quiz with 10 rounds of 10 questions and a bonus picture round of 45 famous places (like Angel Falls). The halfway point was time for the Raffle which contributed £90 to the overall sum raised. The rounds were:

  • Geography,
  • People,
  • Art & Literature,
  • Sport & Games,
  • General Knowledge 1,
  • History,
  • Capital Cities,
  • Film & TV,
  • General Knowledge 2
  • Natural History.

In the end defending champions ‘The Invincibles’ scored 170 out of a possible 222 to win the cup. They were closely followed by ‘The Jerry Hat Tricks’ and ‘The G&Ts’. All who attended agreed that it was a great quiz and offered their thanks to Mike & his crew!

Sample Round

This is a taste of a typical round in the quiz in case you might want to try the next edition:

  1. Whiskers on a fish are called what?
  2. What birds have types called Artic, Sandwich and Sooty?
  3. How many legs do Lobsters have?
  4. Urchin is an old name for what small mammal?
  5. What is the largest species of Lizard?
  6. What plant is known as the wild Hyacinth?
  7. Ursus Maritimus is what animal?
  8. In which liquid would a solid cube of lead float?
  9. What is the primary diet of silkworms?
  10. What is bladderwort?             

Check answers here.


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