Protest against NEEB Planning Application

Protest against NEEB Planning APplicationProtest against NEEB Planning Application!

Yesterday saw a number of residents take to the streets in protest against the NEEB Planning Application.  As you will know, this application does not conform to CBC’s emerging Local Plan nor West Bergholt’s Neighbourhood Plan currently undergoing Reg 14 Consultation.

Despite this, CBC’s own Planning Department recommends it be approved!

Thankfully, Borough Councillor Lewis Barber had “called this application in”; this means it will be subject to a full meeting of the CBC Planning Committee & can’t just be nodded through.  Cllr Barber has said:

Colchester Council’s decision to recommend for approval this application is a boot in the face of the community.

This site was considered as part of the village’s neighbourhood plan but rejected because of residents’ preference for an alternative area to be developed for which parish, borough and county councillors are looking to improve infrastructure for.

The decision by Colchester Council to potentially approve this site will set a dangerous precedent for the borough by saying the council can no longer defend against speculative development.

This application does not have the community’s best interest at heart and must be stopped.

CBC’s Planning Committee will make their decision at TOMORROW’s (5th July) Committee Meeting; this starts at 6 pm in the Town Hall.  Councillor Barber and local resident Paul Millard will be speaking in opposition and members of the Parish Council will be gong in support – they ask for as many residents as possible to join them.