Premises & Recreation – 7th January 2019

Premises & Recreation – 7th January 2019

The Premises & Recreation Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 7th January when, among other items, they discussed the MUGA, roofing, User Group, Orpen Players & Halls promotion.

Premises & Recreation Minutes

Committee Meeting held on 7th January 2019 in John Lampon Hall

Committee members present:

Murray Harlow, Bob Tyrrell, Jenny Church, Harry Stone

Also in attendance:

Victoria Beckwith-Cole (Hall Administrator) and member of the public




Brian Butcher, Janet Crichton


Minutes of the last meeting on 5th November 2018 were agreed.


Clerks and Administration’s Report

3.1 MUGA – it was agreed to sort the root first but in the meantime to get quotes so we had an idea on finances.  MH will present quotes at the February meeting.  It was agreed to push the tennis courts more eg Village Bulletin, Website and notices.  VBC said she had purchased new diary and updated information on the tennis box at the Co-op. VBC/MH
3.2 Hall Administrator’s Updates – VBC advised that the front border will be completed by mid March 2019.   LW and VBC will arrange meeting with Zoe the cleaner to complete paperwork.  The stage curtains -this is in hand to shorten them – to be completed before Panto starts. LW/VBC
3.3 Roofing Project –  to be discussed at February’s meeting but in the meantime have been instructed to obtain two quotes, one with PV panels on the Orpen roof, one without.  EPC instructions and contract query for Zurich with Laura. BB/LW
3.4 Handyman Schedule – VBC said that there are two jobs on the schedule which are outstanding and they will be completed before the Panto.  VBC said there was an additional job that was flagged up by the OP whilst they were in over the Christmas holidays and this was duly completed within 24hrs.  MH commented that having a designated “Hall Handyman” has paid dividend. VBC


User Group Meeting

BB has asked for MH to be on standby to Chair together with HS to attend the next meeting on 10th January 2019.   A brief discussion about any Agenda items but it was mainly the proposed budget set for the chairs.


Hire Costs 2019/2020

Prior to the meeting VBC emailed over the schedule that BB and VBC had worked on.  It was agreed, but felt it would be better if the figures were rounded up – VBC to go back to BB with this. BB/VBC


Premises Licence – Sale of alcohol requests

Waiting for OP to return their form


Next month’s noteworthy hirings

  Orpen Players Panto – Alice in Wonderland – last weekend in January and first weekend in February.


Village Fete Sub Committee

  The next Committee meeting is being held on Monday 14th January 2019


Communication Officers Report

  MH has spoken with the VB editor to secure a whole page in which to promote the Hall rooms to hire.  MH has also seeked costings of advertising the Halls in other Parish Magazines.  A VB meeting will be arranged to discuss this further. MH/VBC


Draft Rules and Regulations for the Lorkin Daniell Field

  VBC to now print off HS latest version and to place on noticeboards at Hall together with some on the tennis court fence and bollards outside. VBC


Items to be discussed at next meeting

MUGA – quotes for resurfacing.  Publicity of hire costs for lettings.
Meeting closed at 8.30 pm
Date of next meeting – 4th February 2019 – 7.30 pm John Lampon Hall