Premises & Recreation – 5th November 2018

Premises & Recreation – 5th November 2018

The Premises & Recreation Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 5th November when, among other items, they discussed floodlights, roofing, cleaning, budget & hire costs, halls user group, village fete and rules for use of the playing field.

Premises & Recreation Minutes

Committee Meeting held on 5th November 2018 in John Lampon Hall

Committee members present: Brian Butcher, Murray Harlow, Bob Tyrrell, Jenny Church, Harry Stone
Also in attendance: Victoria Beckwith-Cole (Hall Administrator)



Apologies – Janet Crichton


Minutes of the last meeting on 1st October 2018 were agreed.


Clerks and Administration’s Report

3.1 MUGA – VBC advised that the tennis coaches were having problems with the floodlight token operated switches.  VBC will contact the installers to see if they can recommend a different device.  BB to check with Environment if the tree roots outside to rear righthand corner had been cut out whilst they had the machinery available to them.  MH in the meantime to get a revised cost for the January meeting for the surfacing repair, less than for the root barrier.  VBC also gave latest financial information on the MUGA. VBCBB/


3.2 Roofing Project – BB advised the PC are looking at having solar panels on the roof, as was discussed at Finance.  MH to contact CBC (Homes) to get further information on solar panels,  BB to also speak to Ingleton Wood to get independent advice, with the panels being fixed to the roof tiles. BB/MH
3.3 Handyman Schedule: VBC produced the schedule of works which are being carried out, which was discussed and agreed.
3.4 Cleaning Contract – VBC contacted a number of cleaning services to obtain quotes for the same work undertaken by our current cleaners.  On the basis of that information it was agreed, with the value we get from the current cleaner, we arrange a meeting with her and LW to review her contract. VBC/LW


2019/2020 Budget

A lengthy discussion was had looking at the budgeted income and expenditure.  Various amendments were discussed but it was ultimately agreed all costs seemed in the right ballpark, save the Lampon Hall income which was overstated.  It was suggested advertising the hall charges in the next Village Bulletin and MH as Communications Officer will seek out other places to advertise hall hire. The hall website tab still requires completion.  LW dealing with. It was agreed to propose to Finance to keep the JL hall rates as they are and to raise the OH rates for the next financial year.  VBC to circulate the current rates for the Committee to come up with ideas to rationalize hire rate in time for January’s meeting. MH/VBC/LW


User Group Meeting

This has been agreed for 15th November at 7.30pm in the JL Hall.


Hire Costs

See Item 4.


Premises Licence – Sale of alcohol requests

None for November


Next month’s noteworthy hirings

  11th November – Remembrance Service – Orpen Hall


Village Fete Sub Committee

  The date of the next Village Fete is 13th July 2019


Communication Officers Report

  MH asked whether everyone had seen DK monthly report, the response was generally positive.  Village Bulletin is being drafted for the December issue.


Draft Rules and Regulations for the Lorkin Daniell Field

  It was reiterated installation of the sign be put on hold until next year.  BB to circulate HS’s draft rules in bullet points so that they can be reviewed by members before going up on the noticeboards. BB


Items to be discussed at next meeting

None raised.
Meeting closed at 9.08 pm

Date of next meeting – 7 January 2019 – 7.30 pm John Lampon Hall