Premises & Recreation – 4th March 2019

Premises & Recreation – 4th March 2019

The Premises & Recreation Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 4th March when, among other items, they discussed the MUGA, roofing, handymen, stage flooring, accounts, Action Plan, Village Fete & Village Buletin.

Premises & Recreation Minutes

Committee Meeting held on 4th March 2019 in John Lampon Hall

Committee members present:

Brian Butcher, Murray Harlow, Jenny Church, Harry Stone, Bob Tyrrell

Also in attendance:

Victoria Beckwith-Cole (Hall Administrator)



Apologies – none


Minutes of the last meeting on 4th February 2019 were agreed.


Clerk and Administrator’s Report

3.1 MUGA – MH presented a quote but unfortunately, it included cutting the tree down which has now been done.  MH to go back and get an updated quote so it can be given to LW to take to the finance meeting. MH
3.2 Hall Administrator’s Updates – A noticeboard has now been put up in the servery and VBC suggested that it be used for displaying the licences. VBC
3.3 Roofing Project –  LW has now put the specifications on ‘Contract Finder’ –  this is on for 30 days for contractors to submit their quote. BB/LW
3.4 Handyman Schedule – VBC confirmed that the only job outstanding is the replacing of the colour lightbulbs in the Orpen Hall.  Plans for the front borders still on course to be completed by end of March.
3.5 Stage Flooring and Comic/tragedy mask – Stage Flooring – Two quotes were presented, one to repair the stage and the other to replace with 19mm WPB plywood.  It was thought more financially viable to replace the flooring.  It was also suggested that as the existing floor is sound to get a quote to cover over the stage with plywood.  The quotes will be sent to LW to take to the finance meeting.  The “mask”, OP  to come back still with design and proposal. VBC
3.6 Potential New Chairs – VBC obtained a further three quotes and will forward to LW to to take to finance meeting VBC


Hall Accounts – January 2019

  Trustee meetings will only take place every other month – in between LW will provide a copy of the Hall Accounts for the premises meeting so that members are aware of the position.  BT mentioned that the JL double doors need replacing – BT will seek out a joiner who can carry this out and obtain a quote.  BB will look at the budget for this work.  VBC will look back at past Minutes to see what was discussed about having new doors. BB/BT/



Meeting with primary Hall Users

VBC and BB will be getting in contact with these users for a meeting in April 2019. BB/VBC


PC Action Plan Review

The roofing – has now moved onto the next stage with tenders going out, and the flagpole has not yet been ordered.


Premises Licence – Sale of alcohol requests

  None to report


Next month’s noteworthy hirings

  ((Bounce)) will start on a Tuesday evening and Saturday morning.

Teak Furniture Sale – Sunday 10th March 2019.

Colchester Head and Neck Cancer – Quiz night – Saturday 23rd March 7 pm.


Village Fete Sub Committee

  Next meeting 5th March at Queens Head 7.45 pm.


Communication Officers Report

  MH confirmed that the pages in the Bulletin have increased to 28 pages.  The March edition will be out middle of March.


Items to be discussed at next meeting

Painting of JL doors, confirm 2019/2020 prices of other users other than the regular users eg Football Clubs, BYG, Brownies etc.
Meeting closed at 8.20 pm

Date of next meeting – 1st April 2019 – 7.30 pm John Lampon Hall