Premises & Recreation – 2nd September 2019

View of coloured uplights to ceiling

Premises & Recreation – 2nd September 2019

The Premises & Recreation Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 2nd September 2019 and discussed online bookings, roofing, handymen schedule, VE day 75, PC Action Plan and other regular matters.

Premises & Recreation Minutes

Committee Meeting held on 2nd September 2019 in John Lampon Hall

Committee members present:

Brian Butcher, Harry Stone, Murray Harlow, Jenny Church

Also, in attendance:

Victoria Beckwith-Cole (Hall Administrator),




Bob Tyrrell


Minutes of the last meeting on 1st July 2019 were agreed.


Clerks and Administrator’s Report

3.1 MUGA – August meeting was postponed and will be put on the backburner for the time being, there being no immediate repair issues.  In the meantime, VBC will contact the two coaches and inform them of the charge for 2019/2020. VBC
3.2 Hall Administrator’s Updates –

On-line booking system – VBC is now double-checking bookings that have been put onto the system.

JL doors- STC have been in contact, awaiting date for work to be completed – if this does not happen soon then alternative contractors may need to be sourced as doors deteriorating.

Hiring of Hall – VBC wanted to note that a few villagers have commented that the OH is for the community but due to regular hirers they never get the date they want – it is with regret that we have to turn them away.

Swift boxes – Boxes have been bought and the Hall Handyman will erect them in due course.

Microphone – short term with minimum expense will be looked at, with a view to get a quote for new system to be put in the November budget for 2020/2021- VBC will approach a couple of residents to advise/assist.

3.3 Roofing Project – Applied for grant – decision will be given around next Parish Council or Trustee Meetings.  The contractor who won the roofing contract is aware of timing of work has been changed and will stand by his price, the only increase is if the materials i.e. tiles increase in the meantime – this was made reference to in the grant application.
3.4 Handyman Schedule – VBC confirmed the following works are still outstanding:-  colour bulbs on order and to be replaced when arrived in the OH, drain guards to be placed over the drains around the JL Hall, purchased a nautical pulley for the stage curtains, stage floor replacement (Oct half-term), entrance pillars (awaiting price for concrete pier caps).

Bluebell blackboards sanded and repainted.

JL Hall windows being looked into so they can be opened.

Borders – having been weeded they are coming through again therefore ongoing maintenance is needed – JC will look into setting up a working party for this on the lines of the Litter Warriors so this can be kept on top off.

3.5 Hall Signage – Amendment to be done – written quote to be updated and will be put on the November budget for 2020/2021 BB
3.6 VE Day 75th Celebration – 9th May 2020 – BB mentioned this at the User Group and a meeting is being hold on Monday 23rd September7.30 pm JL Hall to discuss further.  The idea is Friday to be for the children and Saturday for the adults.


Hall Accounts – Nothing to report.


Meeting with primary Hall Users

Meeting was held on 18th July – BB went through the Minutes very positive feedback from the meeting.


PC Action Plan Review

Chairs – another 24 chairs were sold to Headgate Theatre and VBC will will invoice. The rest of the 19 chairs will be removed and sold at the Cattle Market.

Flagpole – yet to be ordered by LW.



Premises Licence – Sale of alcohol requests

  Film Club – 21st September

Orpen Players – 10th – 12th October


Next month’s noteworthy hirings

  Film Club – 21st September and Orpen Players 10th – 12th October


Village Fete Sub Committee

  A review meeting is due to be held in October 2019.


Bulletin Report

  September edition was being delivered – holding important information about the Neighbourhood Referendum – 19th September.  A Bulletin meeting will be held to discuss September’s issue and December’s.


Items to be discussed at next meeting

Meeting closed at 8.50 pm

Date of next meeting – 30th September 2019 – 7.30 pm John Lampon Hall