Premises & Recreation – 2nd July 2018

Premises & Recreation – 2nd July 2018

The Premises & Recreation Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 2nd July when, among other items, they discussed storage, Orpen Players, staging, MUGA, roofing, imminent installation of CCTV, rubbish bins, village fete, online hall bookings, communications & the Lorkin Daniell field.

Premises & Recreation Minutes

Committee Meeting held on 2nd July 2018 in John Lampon Hall

Committee members present:

Brian Butcher, Murray Harlow, Janet Crichton, Harry Stone, Bob Tyrrell

Also in attendance:

Laura Walkingshaw (Parish Clerk), Victoria Beckwith-Cole (Hall Administrator)




Jenny Church

  Mike Poole from the Orpen Players attended to speak about the recent correspondence received re the concreting to the front of storage unit.  MP stated that the ground is in “a dangerous, messy state” despite the works recently undertaken.  MP invited the members to have a look for themselves, which they duly did.  In conclusion it was agreed that BB would review and get a positive response back to the Orpen Players by the end of the week, seeking to get the works carried out ASAP. MP said that he would also get one of his contacts to look at the work required and quote.

At the same time MP was asked about the stage flooring renovation,advising that the Orpen Players would prepare the wood, fill in any holes, sand where needed and will be using a non-slip black barn paint, MP offered his opinion that if needed they would use black emulsion on top. Orpen Players will get in touch with VBC to check hall availability during the Summer Holiday to carry the work out. BB will propose the FC that £75 be contributed towards Orpen Player’s cost.



Minutes of the last meeting on 4th June 2018 were agreed.


Clerks and Administration’s Report

3.1 MUGA  – It was agreed that the handymen will take down the noticeboard near to the MUGA.  A conversation was had on the surface of the courts – whether this needs resurfacing and to incorporate more lineage to offer different sports.  MH to obtain two quotes one for surfacing as tennis courts and the other as multiuse.  VBC will contact the tennis coaches and get their view on the surface.   The PC have offered the school to use the MUGA for late afternoon activities – especially in the winter with the use of the floodlights. HS suggested whether a working party and to ask CS to attend, once the quotes are to hand. Handymen/
3.2 Roofing – Three quotes have now been obtained for project management of the works and it was recommended that BB propose Ingleton Wood (whose surveyor lives in the village) to undertake the works. BB/
3.3 Handyman Schedule: VBC has started a new 2018/19 schedule – a few amendments to the layout will be made and then this will be emailed to JGR and BB.  Better communication between Handymen and Hall Administrator is required. VBC
3.4 Mobile Phone – LW will give 30 days notice to cancel broadband, landline for the Hall Administrator and take a new contract out on upgrading the mobile phone. LW
3.5 CCTV – It has been confirmed that work will start on 23rd July and take approximately 3 days.  VBC to confirm when training will be given and arrange the necessary people to attend. VBC
3.6 Rubbish Bin Area – It was confirmed that no roof is required to the construction and noted it was agreed in Finance agreement to proceed with the works will go to the PC for approval. PC Agenda
3.7 Website – LW has signed up to the 90 day free trial which DK is currently imputing the data.  LW and VBC will  meet to finalise, do a narrative and put pictures onto the website.  It was agreed the “Village Hall” needs its own tab on  The online booking will be going live from 1st September. LW/DK
3.8 Hall Border tidying – We are not in a position to get a Tesco grant so the aim now is to reduce the width of the bed using block pavers on a concrete sub-base, to clear out beds and to replant.  LW suggested getting in touch with the Allotment Holders if they were willing for a one-off to help clear out the vegetation and if they had any spare plants eg grasses, Sedum, Alchemilla Mollis, red Valerian etc to supply to the PC.  HS will bring this up at the next Allotment meeting.  I M Beckwith will provide two quotes for the works one for laying the pavers, the other to include for clearing out the beds as well. LW/HS
3.9 Curtains – It was agreed that the double door, and three window curtains will be lined.  This is now on order to be put up during the summer holidays.  New rails will be required for the door and window curtains and VBC has asked for the Handymen to carry this out in the summer holidays, and is waiting to hear back. VBC/


Hire Costs/Poors Land User

  It was noted Finance agreed to keep the 5% discount for those clubs that wish to pay for the 2018/2019 year in advance.  VBC will contact the individual clubs and make them aware of this.  In 2019/2020 this discount will cease.  The Burger van is starting on 16th July and an agreement will be drawn up and an updated agreement will be sent to the Fish and Chip van too.  BB went over the fees for the outside users and invoices will be sent out accordingly.  It was agreed that later in the year we will need to look at simplifying the rates if they are to be published on the website for online booking.  A memorandum of understanding to be drawn up in respect of the school use of the Poors Land.  The refundable deposit for the hire of the hall will now be a minimum of £100 to take into account if the Hall is not left as found there is enough deposit money for a cleaner to come in and clean.  


Hall User Group

  There will be a meeting on 19th July in the John Lampon Hall at 7.30pm.  VBC will let clubs know.  Two issues will come up (1) Storage and (2) replacement of chairs in the Orpen Hall.  Posters will go up in and around the Hall to advertise the meeting. VBC


Premises License

The following have applied for sale of alcohol

Nothing this month


Next month’s noteworthy hirings

Nothing to report.


Village Fete Sub Committee

  “Ticking over nicely” with stallholders responding.  GW to confirm 5 a side and let BB know pitch size for the arena area to to play the finals.  BB asked if anyone knew where we could obtain cable covers – proposed to speak to the PTA fireworks committee. BB


Communication Officers Report

  It was asked if there could be more publicity letting the village know when the freighter will be at the Orpen Hall.  Also, with the latest changes at the Dr’s – LW/HS will get a press release and then will put it on the Village hub and will get it communicated around the village through various clubs and shops. HS/LW mentioned that they are currently putting together an emergency plan for the West Bergholt villagers.  On a separate issue Orpen Hall is currently an emergency base if anything happens in the Borough, and they will notify HS/LW/CS/VBC to gain access to the Hall but they have their own volunteers. LW/HS/


Draft Rules and Regulations for the Lorkin Daniell Field

  This item has been put on hold for the time being due to its perceived cost.  In the meantime MH to contact Atlas Signs to see what they can come up with within budget. MH


Items to be discussed at next meeting

As above
Meeting closed at 8.10 pm
Date of next meeting – 3rd September 2018 – 7.30 pm John Lampon Hall