Poo problem – dog fouling

Dog fouling is nasty - there is no poo fairy

Poo problem – dog fouling

There are often complaints about the problem of dog fouling in the village. Most dog walkers do take responsibility for clearing up after their dog and it is the few who don’t that create a bad image for all the others.

There was a problem recently at the doctor’s surgery.  A dog had been allowed to foul just outside the surgery and an unwary visitor had trodden in it and then unbeknown walked it through the surgery. This was a very unpleasant task for the staff to clean up afterwards as well as a hygiene issue.

All dog walkers should have, by law, a plastic bag with them and use this to pick up the poo and place in one of the many dog bins strategically placed around the village.

Dog mess on the pavements, in the hedgerows or on the streets is very unpleasant, unhealthy and unnecessary.

Please remember that no dogs are permitted on the Lorkin Daniell Field and this includes all areas around the Orpen Hall. Dog wardens will apply fines for offenders.


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