Pond & Trees Works – Railings and Pruning

Queen's Head pond with close up of railings needing replacementPond & Trees Works

As idyllic as the Queen’s Head pond looks, a closer look reveals a problem that needs to be addressed.  Despite regular painting, rust has infiltrated many sections of the railings which must now be replaced.  Quality Metalwork Services have been contracted to construct 37 metres of new galvanised railings.  They will powder coat them white and concrete them in place during the week commencing 24th February.

Tree Programme

The Parish Council’s Tree Removal & Replacement policy is creating a lot of handyman activity at the moment.  They have been getting rid of lots of tree ivy, and the trees beneath if rotten.  The PC has already purchased replacement trees with a grant from CBC; they will be planting them in the near future.

The next tree challenge is the Mumford Oak; this needs some pruning and removal of deadwood and requires specialist attention.  West Bergholt-based Tree & Lawn Company have been contracted to undertake this task which will take place on Tuesday 11th February.

The Mumford Oak before its’ ‘haircut’:

Mumford Oak before pruning in February 2020